dancing horses

dancing horses

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Suck it up Princess

Yesterday I started this whiny, complainy post.

I then deleted it because who wants to listen to my first world problems?

Yes, I'm frustrated- I want to ride but have to wait to get the saddle sorted. I've been super busy at work but it's not felt productive and there's a million things I have to get done around the farm. Menopause may be contributing to my mood as well (I've never done well with hormonal changes).

So yesterday I wallowed. Today I gave myself a shake. I can whine or I can get on with it.

Today I will lunge and do a lot of ground work with my girl. How can that not be useful? I know I love to ride but I think I need to learn this lesson.

I will get some chores done.

I will visit my mom and have a lovely chat.

And tonight Ed and I have a big date in the city- dinner and a play with good friends.

And in a few days there's going to be a beautiful Andalusian stallion, a spanish riding instructor and a dear friend coming for a visit. She's also bringing saddles so perhaps one will work temporarily.

I will allow myself to vent but if you hear me turn whiny you have my permission to tell me to get over myself.
keep calm and canter on

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  1. What?? Your friend is a riding instructor and is bringing her Andalusian stallion over?? Quit complaining!! Haha I'm just teasing. Good for you looking on the bright side of things. We are going to have seven or more days of rain (today is day two) with only two days mixed in there with low chances of rain (40%) so no riding for me either... and it's back to dealing with the dang mud... and my mud boots split in the heel... so yeah I feel you on that one. Also you can whine if you want to. It's your blog!


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