dancing horses

dancing horses

Monday, November 11, 2019

Flexible Fit Bridle Review

I've been looking at new bridles for a little bit. As much as I like Carmen's bridle it's not the best fit for her Andalusian head. It's a lovely bridle but it was on the top holes for everything and the nose band always seemed to be a bit loose. It also looked a bit tight behind her ears and with the brow band.

I don't know if you can tell but the throat latch is loose
but the bridle is tight behind the ears. 

can you see the gab in the nose band? 
Let me be clear- the bridle is not a terrible fit. It just didn't feel perfect. The issue is that the andalusian head is not the same as thoroughbred or even a warmblood.  This made me hesitate about buying another 'off the rack' bridle. I did think of buying one a size down and cobble it together but that wouldn't fix the brow band and crown piece. 

But the internet is a great resource and after searching around I stumbled upon Flexible Fit Equestrian. They have a variety of bridles and you can custom order your bridle to fit your horse. They even have a form you can fill in if you are not sure of what size to get. That is the option I did and after a bit of back and forth they recommended the various components. 

With that settled I needed to decide if I wanted to order a bridle from Australia. Returning it would not be easy (or with it). I read reviews, did price comparisons and decided that it would likely work out. While I was contemplating I had signed up on their email list. I quickly realized that there were often sales. 

So I waited, keeping a close eye on my inbox. 

After a couple weeks I got a notice for a 20% discount and I pulled the trigger. I ordered on October 29 and it arrived on November 8th. Not bad for coming from another continent! I opened it up with a mix of excitement and 'what have I done?' 

However, I was blown away by the quality of the leather and workmanship. I ordered the gel padded crown piece and it was so very soft. I ordered the regular nose band (not crank) with the detachable flash. I love how it can be removed and there will no little tab hanging down (which I hate). It was nice to have to buy either a 'dressage' or 'event/hunter' bridle but be able to mix and match the pieces. 

You can customize the brow band and when I saw this one I thought it would be perfect on Carmen. I showed it to Julia and she said it looks like a viking head band! 

 I did a quick fit on Carmen and it seemed to fit well. I took it apart and conditioned it. I've ridden in it twice now and it's has softened to her head really well. 

the first day I put it on. I do love a flat nose band. 

from today (Carmen thinks that it even makes her orange fly bonnet look good)
It fits really well behind her ears and on her forehead. 

I am definitely pleased with this bridle. Of course it's always possible that it will not last but I honestly doubt it. And for something that cost less than $200 all in (taxes, delivery, currency conversion) it was a great deal.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Passion or Pathology?

I just got back from a two day conference on Autism. It was very good full of great and useful information.  One talk that I was looking forward to was a presentation on Autism and how it presents in females. Historically, autism has been largely a diagnosis for males at a ratio of 4-1.  However, there has been a recognition that the features that present for females is different (like many things the diagnostic criteria has been created for and normed on males).
you know that this is a horse blog, right? 

How does this relate to horses, you ask?  Hang on I'm getting to that.

The lecturer was saying that the, like males with ASD, girls can have very intense interests but it's not the same. 'often it's horses' she said. My ears pricked up. She went on to describe a young girl she was working with: 'she had books on horses, her wall was papered with horses, all she wanted to talk about was horses. I asked her what her plans were for the weekend and told me "I'm riding horses! Of course".  Everyone laughed. The lecturer said that it wasn't that she loved horses, 'lots of people like horses'  but the intensity and how this one interest overshadowed everything else.

Sound familiar?  It definitely did to me.

I do not believe that I have autism. Although, like the majority of people, I have some features in common. After all, autism is a cluster of symptoms and falls along a spectrum.* But even if I do, I am functioning fine and feel no need to have this explored.

But is my intense interest in horses something that is pathological?
I can never get enough of this. 

Merriam-Webster, defines  pathological as "being to such a degree that it is extreme, excessive or markedly abnormal.  Passion is defined as "a strong liking or devotion to some activity, object or concept."

It seems to me to a rather narrow line and probably depends on your perspective. I spend a lot of time and money on horses. I'm either taking care of, riding or thinking about them. I have always been this way.
I don't even want to think about how much money over the years....
It's highly likely that one day I won't be able to be around horses. I am not looking forward to that day and I feel bad for whoever will have to look after me because I'll probably be really grumpy. I confess to not understanding how people can go their whole lives without this all consuming passion. Although, if you give me a couple drinks, I might confess that perhaps they are happier.

So I don't know. What is the difference between passion and pathology? Do you know? Are we all one mental health visit away from a diagnosis? Do we care?

It's possible that I am overthinking it.

Just maybe.

What do you think?

*This is note to say that, personally, I don't like to use the term 'Aspergers'. It's not because of the thinking that Aspergers is simply on the high functioning side of the spectrum. It's because Dr. Hans Asperger worked under the Nazi regime, believed in Eugenics and sent children deemed of 'no value' to their deaths. I simply cannot honour that name. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-05112-1

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Small Portions

Carmen and I continue to school at the lightening speed of a herd of turtles.  And it’s all good.

I mean, it’s not like we’re doing nothing.  I can certainly stand more of this.

I have set up two wee jumps- one on the straight and one on the diagonal. I have been weaving them into our rides. I remember reading Walter Zettl’s book and how he said that jumping and dressage were intermingled. Not that either my dressage or jumps will ever be at his level. Sunday I was pleased when we leg yielded, picked up a canter, headed straight down the ‘spooky’ side, popped over the X and then halted. I decided to end it there.

Wednesday I had to drive to a conference in the next province. I wasn’t planning to ride but the morning was so lovely I decided to saddle up for a short ride. Normally I don’t ride Carmen if I don’t have time - just in case I get into trouble. I decided, then that perhaps I shouldn’t leave it up to Carmen to decide how the ride show go. Maybe I should make that decision. So I did.

Guinness supervised and as I was riding around the rail I spied our kitty, Willow hanging out. She seemed quite intrigued with what I was doing and decided to stick around. 
Carmen: I’m not so sure about this. 

Honestly, Carmen felt pretty good. I could feel her back up under me and she felt good. Willow decided that us trotting was very exciting. She would watch and as we got close she would duck under the jumps or brush and then leap out as we passed.  

It went better than you might think.  Carmen would cock an ear, I would tell her ‘yes, that’s Willow’. Carmen scooted a coupe times but nothing major.

Don’t be fooled. She’s not innocent

  I stopped after 20 minutes and dismounted. It was a great way to start a day. 

The clocks rolled back on the weekend. Which makes riding after work a lot more difficult.  Sigh.  I hate it.  

The horses are not fans either. 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Breathing Room

Sorry for the lack of blogging. I haven't been riding much between work and weather.
always time for cookies though

 I am actually okay with this. Which makes me wonder whether this is really me. Typical me would be annoyed at myself and putting pressure to spend time in the saddle. After all we all know that saying 'wet saddle pads make good horses'. 

But I don't believe that as much anymore. Like everything else, reality is more nuanced. Especially with a sensitive, reactive horse like Carmen. Instead I'm recognizing that stressed out me does not result in a good training session no matter how wet the saddle pad is at the end (not that we don't work hard).

Last year I was feeling very unsettled because of the whole ulcers ordeal. When she began to feel better it was like we had gone backwards and I had to rebuild. I don't have that this year. We are in a much better place and that makes me feel less urgent.
Yes, I'm feeling much better but more carrots would
be really good for me. Just sayin'.

 As you know I've been using the Tristan Tucker stuff or a while and it has made a huge difference. I am also a fan of Warwick Schiller and he has this great new series on his youtube channel called The Principles of Training.  I have getting a lot out of it. I love that it's on principles rather than a recipe approach.

The one I'm really getting benefit from is his discussion of helping horses find the balance between being too reactive and too quiet. What I got from this is that when Carmen gets to be too 'up' I need to help her get back down. It seems to be helping. When Carmen gets tight and spooky I can ride her through it but getting her to let go of the tension was not happening. Of course I don't want to stop when she's being resistant because that just reinforces her to say 'no'.

we do the TRT leading exercise a lot. I find it really helps me
to know where she is and helps her to relax. 

For example, today I was riding her on a circle and something spooked her over by the rail. I rode her a few times on the circle asking her to bend. At first she was not having it but once she gave a little I rode her by and then stopped, dropped the reins and let her regroup. Then when I picked up the reins again she was more settled. Giving her time to breathe and let down is helpful.

Our rides are focussed on transitions- coming more from behind and less grabbing the ground with her front legs. The more back she gets the better and less spooky she is.  Her shoulder-in and haunches-in are really coming along nicely.

I'm also continuing to play with the itty bitty jumps. She give zero cares about it. I can feel her lock in and go which is nice. It gives us other things to do.  We are probably ready to add some more jumps and raise it up a bit now. I'm going really slow with this to build the confidence of both of us.
we are jumping so high.....
Also, note the jump coach

It fun to pick up a trot, hop over the little X, turn and do a haunches in down the long side, etc. It keeps us both busy. 

Our gains are slow but they feel solid and we're having fun. 

That's enough for me. 

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Autumn Refresh

After last week I definitely needed to recharge and I decided that I was going to spend the whole weekend recharging my batteries.

walking to the get Carmen I spied this 4-leaf Clover.
I decided it was a sign

Of course that involved doing horse things. I had no major goals for schooling. Just to sit on Carmen and see where we were with things and go from there. 

This weekend also marked the start of deer hunting season. Which means that a little extra caution is required. Last March I found this orange fly veil in a sales bin and I snatched it up. When we were tacking up I put it on Carmen and she immediately shook it off. 
Carmen: I hate this colour on me. It doesn't go with my eyes
Me: It's for your safety. Besides, it looks lovely. 
Carmen: It's just so not-cool. 
I hate this bonnet. And you. 

Friday Julia came out to ride and we started with a ride on our little trail. Both horses were a bit excited but stayed well behaved. In the ring Carmen was really good. She thought about being distracted but was easy to redirect. We had some lovely canter work and I was super happy with her.   I asked Ed to come up and take a photo of us in our hunter orange.

safety first 
Saturday I rode her by herself. She was a little more feisty but we worked through it. In my Johanna lesson she talked to me about weight aids. I tend to put too much weight in the stirrups. She asked me to think about how much my legs weigh. Don't tell me, just have a number in your head and have only that much weight in the stirrups.  When I think about it I can feel my seat get right into the saddle and I'm immediately more balanced.  I've been really trying to use that. When I focus on it, it really works and she can't dislodge me with any antics.

we had our first hard frost this weekend
I love riding in autumn. The air just feels so nice and fresh. And the bugs are gone.

If it wasn't that it meant that winter was just around the corner I would really love it. 

Sunday I arranged to go to Coveside and ride with a new riding buddy. Nancy was not available but this person was. Carmen was clearly stressed about getting on the trailer but when we arrived she was  just 'oh, it's here. Okay then'.  As we tacked up we chatted about our horses. She told me that her mare was pretty good on the trail. 
Carmen is good too on the trails. I will tell you know that if you run we're probably going with you.

When I walked out with Carmen to mount the amorous donkey came up to say hi. 
Well hello there little lady. How you doin'?  I didn't see the look Carmen gave him but he veered off pretty quickly. Mare glare. It's real folks. 

I have to say that the two mares were great together. They walked at similar pace. They were pretty chill with one another too. It was a lovely ride in the woods. 

As we walked along Carmen dropped her nose to check out a stump that was recently cut. I let her reach down to it when she suddenly popped her nose up. I laughed. I totally saw that- it jumped at you!' She sniffed and walked on. After that she was rock steady. Even when we encountered Dianne walking her dogs and an ATV. 

I could do this all day

It was a great weekend and just what I needed. My batteries feel recharged and I'm ready to tackle the world again.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Life Stuff

Riding has been taking a back seat to the rest of my life.

not that Carmen seems to mind

This week has totally kicked my ass.

I'm doing this special project at work and it's in an intense phase.  I am enjoying the project but I've been on the road and at many many meetings which is draining.  Then our car decided to throw a huge issue our way. Because why not? We thought it was a bearing but it turns out that it's the transmission. It seems the CVT transmission on subarus are a 'known problem' and often fail about 150-200k kms. You know, after the warranty has expired.

Not only is this expensive but it will take a long time to repair. Of course I didn't know what the plan was until I came home from work. Ed embarked on this long, rambling explanation and I finally said 'honey, this week has kicked my ass. I know you are trying to lead me to a conclusion but this is just making my blood pressure rise. Can you skip to the end and then we can fill in the blanks later'. Which he did. It's disappointing because we bought a subaru because it was supposed to be reliable.

Ed also started talking about our next car being a honda because we just can't buy a brand that we can't rely on. Again I stopped him and said 'you know we try to buy good cars and it rarely works out. Our best cars were the shitboxes we bought when we had no money. I say we just buy shitboxes and then we won't be disappointed (or as broke) when they fail. 

So I might be a little bitter. And trying to figure out how I can work without a car. Fortunately, my daughter is loaning us hers while she is away on vacation.

I managed to get in the saddle once this week since Saturday. Julia came out and we hacked followed by a little bit of work in the ring. It was about all I wanted to do. I had no desire to work hard at things, I just wanted to toodle. And Carmen was pretty cool with that. We even popped over a little X (about 8 inches).

Last sunday we got together with friends and spent the day touring wineries. 

this is a wine dispensing machine. I need it for my office 
In the past this would really bug me that I wasn't schooling more. But this year I was determined to not benso driven. The reality is that Carmen and I are not heading to the olympics any time soon. And  we all know how Carmen responds to pressure and stress anyway.

So that doesn't make for good horse blog fodder but life often requires us to focus on other things.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Leap of Faith: We Try Jumping! (well sort of)

As you know I have introduced Carmen to many things in the years we have been together:
trail riding,


And a flamenco dress. 

I love this photo (thank you Amanda Stright!)
One thing that has been on my list is to introduce her to jumping. I realized that I am on borrowed time with the riding weather and that I was waiting for everything to be 'perfect'.

 However, that was making me hesitate. So this Thursday I texted Shanea and asked "so what do you think about introducing Carmen to some jumping tomorrow? Break things up a bit". She texted back 'that would be fun!'

And just like that I was committed. 

Carmen: say what now?
The weather Friday was typical October: rapidly changing from sun to cloud back to sun, windy and then a light rain shower. The last time I rode her was Monday so I brought her up early to lunge and do some groundwork.  Shanea was running a bit late which made us up there a bit longer. When I mounted she was fine at first but when the wind picked up rattling some leaves she started to come a little unglued. I actually dismounted and put her back on the lunge to make her work a little harder. She's not allowed to rip and tear but she needs to work. After a bit she settled and while that was going on Shanea set up two 'grids':

the wee little X started as just two poles played down

I was to pick up a canter and do each line while Shanea adjusted to make sure that the striding was right. At first she was all distracted by the leaves and trees outside the ring which resulted in her tripping over the poles. 

This is part of her problem: she focuses on everything and takes no responsibility for her feet. Which leads to her tripping and then getting pissed off about it. The exercise though was simple: canter a line, circle to regroup, do the next line. Repeat. 

We did a lot of cantering this lesson. Probably more than I have ever done at one time. But it worked, Carmen began to settle into a rhythm and the work. She was definitely enjoying the forward. And she began to pay attention to the poles and forgot about all the scary things. 

Now before I show videos and photos,  Carmen (as far as I know) has never jumped and I haven't jumped in over a decade. So let us all agree that my posture riding a horse green to jumping and in a dressage saddle will be horrible. I tried to stay out of her way and give her the right amount of support. 

is this an oxer? No, it is not. 

It felt like at the end of each line she would surge forward and resist half-halts. It took a lot for me to get back in the saddle and bring her back. Notice Guinness in the video. I swear that he thinks he's the assistant trainer. 

The clouds became heavier and I was getting tired. Shanea finally set up a small X (about 12") and we trotted up the line. Carmen saw the 'jump' hesitated and then jumped like a deer, which resulted in me hitting her in the mouth. 

So Shanea dropped it to the wee teeny little X you see in the photos above. That allowed us to get back in the groove- because it was essentially a raised trot pole. 

The whole lesson was so much fun and I can see how incorporating this can help us to finesse some things. 

This is the last line we did. It was the best one so we ended it there. 

 I was so happy with how we did. It seemed to me that she really enjoyed it. It definitely was good for our confidence and trust in one another.

I doubt we'll ever be seen in the hunter ring but this will definitely be part of our routine. Maybe at some point I'll even raise it to 8 inches!!!

baby jumps for babies