dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Settling In

 Spring is slowly coming to Nova Scotia. The grass is greening up and the weather is warmer. I am impatient and want it to warm up more- it's still quite chilly. Even though I know it will also bring the black flies. There is grass coming into the front paddock that they are grazing on. But I still bring them out to the grass to acclimate before going into the back pasture. 

Carmen forgot that she had her turn and accused
me of playing favourites. 

I usually let them graze after a training session. I drop the lead rope and let them graze while I put things away. And yes, I let the rope drag around.  They both know to yield to the pressure so when they step on it, they move their move their feet and sort themselves out. Here's a video of Quaid dealing with the rope. 

I didn't just start them with a trailing rope. It all comes as a result of teaching them about yielding to pressure on the poll, having things around their legs etc. 

My rides on Carmen are going well. I'm feeling a lot more balanced this year. Which means I'm better at helping her find her balance. It's interesting with being retired and not having the pressure to fit training in around other responsibilities. I don't know that I'm riding more, time will tell on that, but I am enjoying not having to make choices about chores or riding. I also have been playing with the liberty with Carmen. She's quite smart about it all. I was playing with some of our toys: flag, tarp etc. She definitely remembered that going to the tarp means rest. 

Carmen: you can't bug me when I'm on home base!

I caught this cute little video when we were playing. You can see her trot to the tarp and then off to the plastic bag. Her look at the end kills me. 

Oh yeah, this mare is really spooky! 

Quaid is also doing well. He's been perfectly sound, which is such a relief. He's also been a bit sassy- which I attribute to the 'almost 3'. We have days where I wonder what I was thinking buying a 2 year old and others when I think I'm a genius who makes excellent decisions.  

I guess time will tell. 

she's getting whiter, I will miss her dark mane

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Spring Check Up

 I have returned from a truly wonderful vacation. We started in Zurich and ended in Paris. 

As we travelled we made sure to find time to enjoy our time instead of rushing to see all the things.  I enjoyed it immensely. In Paris we headed off the tour and just went out to get lost. I loved it. I also found a tack shop in Paris and bought myself a lovely little purse. 

treating myself

After 12 wonderful days we were both happy to come home. I definitely missed my animals. Everyone seemed to be doing well without us.  I was ready to start enjoying my new freedom. 

must be official

I lunged Carmen for a couple days and then began riding. It felt good to get back in the saddle. I know it wasn't that long but it felt long. I even booked a lesson for Easter Monday. It was mostly walking but it was great to get started off on the right hoof. 
Carmen: how do I get in on this retirement thing?

You are probably thinking 'that's great Teresa, but how is Quaid?!'

Well, wonder no more. He's doing really well. He's out in the big paddock and is perfectly sound. While I was away I sent photos that Julia sent me to the vet college and they were advising. 

Today I had a vet appointment book for the spring check up and vaccinations. My farrier came to the appointment as well so that he and my vet could collaborate. Quaid was excellent for everything but wasn't too keen on us sedating him to take x-rays. I didn't have to do the x-rays but the vet recommended them and I felt it was good to have a look. The images were really good and showed everything healing as they should. 

The plan is to keep the medical plate in place for at least one more shoeing cycle. After that it will either go on or be replaced with a leather pad. Quaid was good for the shoeing (although he was still slightly drunk). Other than his feet he's in good shape. He's in a growth spurt and getting a little rib so I have increased his feed. The vet and I both agree that he's looking too immature to start under saddle, despite him turning 3 the end of May. I am fine to wait. I will re-evaluate later in the summer/fall.  But there's a lot we can do while we wait for his body to develop. 

drugged horse and his emotional support chicken

I am happy that everyone is doing well. Now to just stay on this trajectory.