dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, February 13, 2022


 It is no secret that February is my least favourite month. With the ice and worrying about Irish it has seemed particularly  hard.  The weather has been it's typical unrelenting self- bitter cold, wind that could peel your face and snow/sleet/rain etc. Despite not liking this time of year I don't see why I need to let it dictate my mood. 

 I would describe myself as pretty happy most of the time. My natural bend is towards optimism. Which is why, despite the weather I try to find ways to enjoy myself. One item was a planned overnight with Karen and Jim. We had to cancel two weekends because of weather. Last weekend we had a nasty storm of rain and freezing rain. But saturday was going to be okay. I figured we could go as long as we didn't lose power. 

Fate was kind our power stayed on and the roads were clear by saturday morning. It was a full-on Spanish weekend. I got to play with my little godhorse, Karen's young andalusian mare and I spent some time with Kalimo her stallion. Nobleza is now three and so smart. I just love her to bits. 

Hello there
We had a feast of Spanish Tapas and wine. It was amazing (Jim is an incredible chef. If I was married to him I'd weigh 300lbs). 
I mean, really, look at this

It was a wonderful break. We talked, laughed and I finally met their new Galgo, Jaxon and snuggled with lovable Leela. Jaxon is your typical hound puppy but he's so full of love and just so freaking happy about his life. 
can you resist this face? I doubt it

This week the temperatures began to rise and the ice began to melt. Friday and Saturday were positively beautiful. The horses were turned out without blankets and stood there wit eyes at half-mast soaking up the sun. I went out with my spade and broke up the ice. I moved hay from the hay shed into the barn and Ed and I fixed the tape in the riding ring. It was wonderful to be out and playing in the warm sun. 

I cleared a path that allowed me to bring Carmen up to the ring on Saturday to play. she's been really good about not running on the ice but I knew she was feeling a bit pent up. When I went to get her I saw that the paddock was a mess of mud and water and I wasn't wearing the right boots for that. 
Can you come to me I asked, holding the halter and lead
she did nothing for a minute and then heaved a sigh and came to the door of the stall so I could slip the halter on her and bring her inside. 

I started by lunging her and she just plodded along in a little jog. She kept stopping to ask me if we were done. I totally knew she wasn't done. So I took of the halter and line and let her go. 
At first she just looked at me

I clucked at her to send her along. And then...

It was good to see her let loose (especially with me not on her back). She kind of freaked herself out with the running and so I crouched down and just breathed. She stopped and looked at me. I slowly stood up and walked towards her and she met me half way. We did another 15 minutes of her being with me and keeping pace whether I stopped, walked, jogged or went backwards. It was fun. 

This morning both horses were tearing around the field. Mostly it was down to Irish - he was full of piss and vinegar. Which did my heart good and almost made it stop as he careered willy-nilly around. Carmen joined but much more sensibly. I love how she's careful with herself. 

We tacked up and rode in the ring. All we did was walk-I wanted to be careful with the footing and I just wanted us to get ourselves organized. But man, it felt good to be sitting in the saddle and having fun in the ring. Even if part of it we couldn't use because of ice and other parts because the footing was a bit deep with the frost coming out of the ground. 

It feels like forever since I had this view

Irish looking perfectly fine

It feels like the icy fist of winter has been loosened. We'll get more weather (it's snowing now in fact) but it won't be long before we'll be back to regular riding. 

C'mon spring