dancing horses

dancing horses

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Photo Shoot

A local photographer contacted me on FB and asked if he could come and take some shots of the horses. I agreed and we set up a date and time.

It was nice to chat with him and watch him take shots of the horses. He commented that Carmen seemed to really like to pose. I agree- she was quite cooperative. Here are a few photos that he very kindly gave me (and gave permission to use on the blog):

sweet face


And this is my favourite of all:

It was interesting- I was at a meeting at work and a person that I don't know very well or have seen in awhile said to me "you seem different. You seem happy"

And I realized that she was right.


  1. "you seem happy" -- how wonderful is that!

  2. That last picture is my favorite too. So nice that you are in a better place now....who could not love those two horses?

  3. I'm so happy you are happy!!! :D I love the photos!


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