dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nope, I don't have a blanket problem, not me.

You'll recall that I said that Carmen seemed to be bothered by the black flies.

That of course got me to thinking that she needed a fly sheet.

Because I don't want princess to be bothered by nasty, bitey flies.

Of course if she has one than Irish must have one. I must be fair to both of my horses.

When I had two geldings I couldn't indulge my love of blankets use blankets because they tore them off each other. Carmen, however, is too mature for that.

At that is why I stopped at a tack shop on my way home from work. The sales person was lovely and showed me all the sheets and we discussed their pros and cons. She was happy to enable my addiction.

I left with 2 fly sheets, a fly mask (you can always use an extra one) and a pair of bell boots (they were on sale).

I checked the fit  and they are perfect. Carmen's has a neck attachment and a belly cover. Irish doesn't need that so his is simpler.

Don't they look good?

I also tried the fly mask on Carmen. She's never had one on before so I wanted to introduce her to it slowly. I needn't of worried. She didn't care at all as I put it on her. She just looked at me as though to say 'are you done? Can I have supper now?'

I think I deserve points for not getting her the rainbow one though
It's much sparklier in person.
I think Ed would have killed me. 


  1. Looking good. You should have gotten the zebra striped fly sheets. They're too wacky for me, so I want to see someone else buy those things.

  2. Ooo - sparkles. What brand is the last one?!

  3. The donkeys would love fly sheets. They would love to chew them and drag them and stomp on them....:)

  4. Looking good Carmen! Irish, you always look good, not matter WHAT! ;)


  5. They both look nice in them :) Not going to lie though, I'm kind of digging the rainbow one.

  6. They look so sporty! And better yet, they can eat in peace (hopefully not in pieces, fly sheets and geldings really dont mix as you already know lol)... speaking of Irish ahem I really like Bucas brand - durable, and we have the zebra pattern fly masks - because of the zebra pattern, its suppose to "confuse" flies LOL so you can tell ed he's lucky he doesnt have any zebras out there...

  7. They are soooo cute!!!! I wish I could put a fly sheet on Chrome, but I know between the trees and the donkey it would be destroyed in a day.


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