dancing horses

dancing horses

Monday, May 25, 2015


As you may recall, Steele is buried on our property. I drive by his grave every day. I have been giving some thoughts as to how to mark his grave. I thought about various options but none felt right. I then remembered what I wanted for when I die: 

your remains are planted and it grows into a tree. Way better than a coffin or Urn sitting on the shelf. 
I had always wanted a Magonolia tree, so today Ed and I went to nursery and picked one up. I planted it beside his grave. 

It will have beautiful, showy, white blossoms every spring and when they fall they will cover his grave.

I think that he would have liked that. It then came to me- "Steele Magonolia" and I had to chuckle. He'd have liked that too.

I am enjoying and love Carmen but I  still miss my beautiful boy. 


  1. A wonderful choice for a memorial and marker!

  2. The heart expands to make room for new loves; it doesn't squeeze the old ones out.

  3. I LOVE that it's a magnolia tree. Very fitting. Love to you......


  4. Kevin & Janet AlexanderMay 25, 2015 at 9:49 PM

    Dear Teresa,
    It took us ages to realise that you had Carmen. Part of it was of course that I'm "technically challenged". I saw a couple of photos you had posted, but wasn't sure. Than when we finally did realise, we should have written to you ... but "old story" ...got sidetracked with other things, so apologies for being so late! What happened to Steele was just so devastating. We are so glad that you have the lovely Carmen to bring some healing to you and to Irish.
    The magnolia is the perfect choice of a memorial to Steele. He was greatly loved and he will always be remembered.
    Our love to you both and to all the family.
    UK & AJ xx

  5. That is a beautiful memorial to your beloved Steele.

  6. We've buried our treasured pets in places that they had seemed to particularly love; it's of comfort to me to know where they are & that their resting places shall not be disturbed.
    I love that you did this for Steele - always remembered.

  7. you guys are so good to me. Thanks for commenting.

  8. A magnolia!!! That is so perfect!!!! I'm going to plant some Forget Me Nots on Storm's grave because they are blue like her eyes. I'm also going to plant a Morning Glory for her too, but it won't be able to go on her grave (it's in the middle of the woods). I chose it because her name was Storm Glory. :)


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