dancing horses

dancing horses

Monday, November 2, 2015

Who Invented DST?

from Fowllanguagecomics.com

I have no idea who invented Daylight Savings Time but I want to go on record that I am not a fan. I know that conventional wisdom is that it was designed to help farmers but I seriously doubt that based my own experience.

This morning I was woken up at 5 a.m. with gentle pats on my face. I opened my eyes and looked into the eyes of Chester.
It's time to get up and fill my bowl
No, it's only 5. I get up at 6. 
I'm pretty sure that this is the time that you always get up
*sigh* no we had to turn the clocks back on the weekend. 
I have no idea but I'm not getting up for another hour. 
Okay then. I shall lay here and keep you awake with my purring but you can't get angry because I'm an adorable purring kitten. 
who can get angry at this face
So I laid there trying to sleep while listening to purring with the occasional whisker tickle.

Then my alarm went off. I hit the snooze button as always but the next thing I knew there were two dog noses in my face.
It's morning! And we have to pee. 
But I need a few more minutes
You are going to be late for work. We are her to make sure that you are not stressed by being late. 
No, the clocks went back. 
It's called 'daylight savings time'
oh that is awesome! But we still have to pee. Like right now. 
dogs are very helpful to humans. 

So I get up and head downstairs with my entourage. I fill the cat's bowl and let the dogs out.
Martin comes in grumbling.
You're late! 
No, not really you see..
I don't care. There better be food in my bowl. 
He stalks to his bowl.
daylight savings time? laziness I call it. 
I head out the barn.
Irish: you're late! 
Carmen:  yes I'm starving. What kind of establishment are you running here? 
Irish: standards are really slipping. 
Me: See, there's this thing called daylight Sav- Oh never mind. I'm sorry. I'll get on it. 
we don't want to hear about this 'DST' thing anymore

See, there's no way that this was for the farmers benefit. Can you imagine being heckled by an entire barn yard?


  1. Technically DST is the summer time. So we like DST. I cannot express how much I hate the winter time. I have tried to convince my husband to move to a state that doesn't use it.

  2. Love this post :) Hate the end of DST!

  3. Animals are the best clocks, not that it's always a good thing. One of the bonuses of living in Arizona for the months that we do. No DST for us.

  4. I hate DST soooo much. It's dark when I leave the office now. Hooray for hunting for my horses in the dark...not.

  5. Yep - the horses looked at me like I was late, too!


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