dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, November 26, 2015

I Don't Care

I had to go away for work the last few days. While it was a very productive time I find that I miss the barn chores so when I get back I head out to the barn for some centering time. Ed thinks that I'm checking on his work, but I'm really not. I just like to putter.

As I was working away Irish and Carmen came down to hang out by the barn. Carmen came into the stall- which she never does.
Me: Hi pretty girl. Did you miss me? 
Carmen:  no! don't be silly. 
Me: Well I missed you.

I went to give her a pat and she turned away.
Carmen: whatever. I don't care. 
Me: Okay then. 

Whenever I stopped work and looked over she was watching me. When she saw me looking she would turn away. I smiled. Finished up in the stall and went over to the next one.

In about 30 seconds Carmen was in there with me. This time she let me pat her.
Me: I'm glad to be home. 
Carmen: oh were you gone? I'm sure I didn't notice. 
Me: not even a little bit? 
As I worked she came closer. NOt in my space (she's been very polite about that since the biting incident) but near. I stopped working and leaned on my pitchfork just enjoying the quiet. Carmen brought her head close to me and blew gently on my cheek.
Carmen: well I might have missed you a little. 

Me too, my dear. Me too. 


  1. Mares. Everything has to be on their own terms.

  2. Funny. The mares do play the hard to get act quite a bit. Sounds like she was a little miffed at you, too, and letting you know you need to stick tighter to your mare herd.

  3. She was just messing with you. :). Horses can be so funny sometimes.


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