dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Gratitude in Uncertain Times (Bloghop)

Liz over at Omnia Paratus suggested this blog hop to keep us connected and to deal with the stress of these times:
And so, in an effort to introduce a bit of positivity and happiness amidst uncertain times, I thought I would share some of my gratitude items here in the hopes that our lovely little community of bloggers will echo back with some of their own. It's been awhile since a blog hop has gone around, but perhaps our little group can come up with a suite of them in the coming weeks to ease us through these unknown times?- Liz
She is so wise and her post really resonated with me. So here is my list of things I'm grateful for amidst the uncertainties of this pandemic: 

  • I am so grateful that my family is safe. My son is in the middle east and all leaves have been cancelled. But he is safe and well. Ed's mother is doing well although not happy with not being allowed to go to Costco. 
  • That my work has made arrangements for our employees to work from home. And, not only that, but are also checking in to make sure that they are okay and doing well. 
watching dinner preparations
  • Many barns are closing and it makes total sense. This makes me very grateful that my horses are in my backyard. I can continue to ride and to take care of them. I would be really struggling without horse time. 
  • That I have my own woods to walk in. There is no need to worry about social distance

  • That spring is setting in and the snow is gone allowing me to ride. If we had a repeat of 2015 I would be losing my mind. 
no thank you

  • For comfort food and baking.    I know it sounds ridiculous but the cooking is relaxing. Yesterday I made some brown bread.  I have been playing with my new Ninja Foodi and I am so impressed with it-  the air fries are amazing. I'm going to try to make dehydrated horse treats with it next. 
lightly toasted with homemade jam. The perfect comfort food
  • Being at home with Ed and for us enjoying each others company. Although I won't lie- the fact that he has his garage and I have my barn helps (secret to a happy marriage- have you own building).  this is an actual conversation we had yesterday morning: 
Ed- you took my knifeMe- no it’s mine. Ed- I put it right there Me- I used my knife, put there for minute and took it back Ed- I put that one in the sink. That’s my knifeMe- so you took mine and now I have no regrets for taking yours.  Ed*SIGH*Me- I agree! 
  • Books- even you can't travel anywhere books are wonderful way to escape without leaving the couch. 
  • For those keeping the grocery stores, pharmacies and vet clinics open. 
  • and lastly I am grateful to all those working to take care of the sick: not just the nurses and doctors but  also all those behind the scenes: managers, cleaning staff, lab techs, ward clerks, paramedics. Everyone is working to make sure that those who need the help are getting what they need. It seems a small thing for me to keep my distance and stay home. 
I am sure that there is more that I'm grateful for but this list captures the main things. 

What are you grateful for? 


  1. Be grateful in these tough times will help a lot of people, I think. Myself included. I'm working on a post today about this.

    Being able to work from home is such a big deal - my hubby and I are both lucky we are able to do this as well. I have to say tho, my work (and I work in communications!!!) has been sort of terrible about staying in touch and providing us with updates!

    Great that you still have pony time - I'm enjoying the extra time with my guys at home too.

    1. It is such an unprecedented situation that people are trying to figure things out.

  2. These all resonate with me. If I were to join the blog hop, I’d just copy and paste your post.

  3. Absolutely giggling over your MIL not being able to go to Costco.

    My mouth is watering looking at the bread photo. I can't wait to hear how the horse treats turn out.

    1. She was soooo pissed about having her moves curtailed and I get it.
      That bread is my favourite and it really is easy to make.


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