dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Irish is feeling naughty

The weather is warming up and things are melting like crazy. I spent Good Friday digging paths for the melting snow so it wouldn't back up into the barn. So far so good. Yesterday Ed and I were heading into the city to watch a match for the Men World Curling Championship. Friends had secured a sky box. After we were to go to dinner.

I had arranged for a 'sitter' but I wanted the horses to be out for a bit in the morning even though it was raining lightly. I figured that I would bring them in around lunch before the rain really started. I put a rain sheet on Irish and took him out. When I went to get Carmen she gave an excited spin in her stall but then stood while I put on her halter. I opened the door and counted to five before we left. I won't take her out until we stand still at the door and she not allowed to pass me. She figured this out pretty quickly and I could see her actively repressing her desire to shoot by me and go out. We then walked out at a sedate pace and I let her go.

About an hour later I look out the window and there's Irish yanking on her blanket at her hind end while she eats. I throw up the window
He stops and looks around in surprise. He can't see me but he knows I'm somewhere. After a minute he reaches for her blanket again
He looks up again. where is she? 
He slowly and oh-so-casually brings his teeth back to the blanket.
I growl something incoherent out the window.
With that Carmen decides to move away.

I sit back down. About 20 minutes later I look out and he's chasing Carmen out of the small paddock. She goes up to the top of the hill and then back down. He pins his ears and she scoots back up. My snow is still pretty deep and I really don't want them fooling around. With a sigh I put on my boots and coat and head out.

As soon as she sees me Carmen comes trotting down the hill right to me.
save me!
Irish gives me his most innocent face.
I bring Carmen in and she walks perfectly beside me. As soon as she's in her stall she begins to spin excitedly.
"oh my god. Where's Irish? I need him!"

Horses are not big on logic.

I go and get Irish who comes in like a lamb and begins to eat his hay.
"I didn't want to be out there. Didn't you know it's raining?"

It's going to be an interesting spring. Once it arrives.


  1. He worked you - clever boy! My horses give me those "what, who, me?" faces too - amazing how theatrical they can seem at times.

  2. Irish sounds like he has a bit of Mufasa in him - the pushy part. He's not as sneaky as Irish though. Carmen calling for Irish cracks me up -- they are not logical; not logical at all.

  3. Irish can be such a brat but how can you get mad at that face??? I love that picture of Carmen. I really how Chrome dapples out like her. :-)

  4. That's the innocent face dickie is currenlty giving me when he gets in trouble for terrorizing the herd.


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