dancing horses

dancing horses

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Excited over Nothing

The snow is melting rapidly. Actually, Ed pointed out that it's not melting so much as receding. And it does look very much like flood waters. Especially since all that melting snow is turning into rivers. My ditches are doing their job of taking the melting snow and ice away.

I brought Carmen out to groom last night and she stood completely still and calm while I gave her a good cleaning. I was very excited. When Ed came in I exclaimed 'look!' while gesturing excitedly at Carmen.

What? She's not doing anything.

Exactly. I smile.

Ed has been around this block before so he realized what I meant.

Oh, you're happy that she's doing nothing? Congratulations. 

I'm choosing to believe that he was sincere.

If Carmen poops in the cross ties she becomes very concerned that she might step in it. She gingerly hops sideways to make sure that her hoof does not touch it. It's quite comical. And it explains why her manure is often buried- maybe she's part cat.

The horses are also able to move around more in the field. There is still some snow but it's very shallow. On Wednesday I looked out my bedroom window and saw Irish very slowly and carefully picking through the snow- checking to make sure that the footing was okay and that he wouldn't sink. Carmen was right behind him following. It was too adorable. You could see that she was unsure but willing to try it. Every now and then one of her feet would sink in about 4 inches.

oooh ooh IRISH help! I'm sinking! 

oh wait. No, I'm okay. (*shakes snow off foot*) but that was a close one! 

Last weekend I could barely make out the top of the mounting block in my ring. Last night I saw that there was enough space to begin lunge work. That large open area with nothing  got me planning for Saturday....
mounting block on April 11


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