dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Getting Ready

I've spent this weekend getting ready for Charlante's arrival.

Ed and I spent saturday clearing snow out of the small paddock. With the weather finally getting ready to thaw I didn't want this huge pile of snow melting towards the bank. Surely to heavens this bitter cold cannot continue.

I have purchased a new bridle for her. You may recall that I was looking for a black bridle that did not have a flash permanently attached. Holly at Bits N Bridles found one for me that is really cool. There is a flash but it comes off and there's no little bit of leather hanging down.
with Flash
without flash. 

 I also have her new halter.
isn't it lovely? 

Today I got her stall all ready.

In going through my stuff I realize that I need to hang more hooks in my tack room (is there ever enough hooks?)

I'm also selling two cob sized bridles. One is black (never used) and the other is brown. I had bought them for Steele but they are too small. Let me know if you're interested.
black bridle never used

I've been in touch with the place where she's boarding. They assure me that she's fine.  I believe them but I'll feel better when she's here.

It's good thing that I have to work today. Well good for me. Not so good for work.....


  1. How exciting! When is she due to arrive, do you have a firm date yet? I know you've been playing a bit with the shipper.

  2. I love the halter! When does she arrive?

  3. How exciting! I hope the rest of her travels go well.

  4. Sweet anticipation . . . don't you love it? :-)

  5. I wish I could get in the trailer and stay with her until she gets home!!!!!!!

  6. I'm excited for you to have her finally there!
    It's funny... you are getting a really good one just as I am letting go of a really good one, but we're both happy & excited for the horses. ;-)

  7. How exciting to have her on her way! I'm very excited to read more about her
    and see more pics. She looks lovely!


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