dancing horses

dancing horses

Monday, March 9, 2015

Belle Gets Stuck

I don't write too much about Belle. She prefers to keep it low key.

Belle is my Australian Shepherd. We got her through a breed rescue when she was 4. It was clear that she had issues that indicated bad experiences in small spaces and with teenage boys. We've worked very hard with her over the years and she's a happy, bouncy girl most of the time.

Last week I went snowshoeing and took the dogs. I usually cut across the bottom field and go into the woods. The snow is so high that, in places, it's above the second strand of tape. I could just walk over it. Belle had some trouble figuring it out. She usually just runs underneath quickly enough to not get zapped. We got through and carried on. On our way back she decided to run around the field rather than risk a shock.

Fast forward to yesterday. I went through my usual routine of chores before heading into the house. d'Arcy was there but not Belle. As I was taking off my winter gear I called her and saw her running through the front paddock. And then she stopped. She started running up and down the fence. See, while she was in there I turned it on and they can hear it. I waited for her to figure it out. But she didn't.

help! I'm trapped! Don't leave me!

Come on you can do it

Nooooooooo. The fence will hurt me. 

So I put my boots on and headed back out. She would run to where the gate was and then turn back. I saw the problem- the horses were there eating hay and she's very respectful of them.

In the end I had to walk out to the field wearing my pjs and winter boots and encourage her to come up to me by the gate. Which she did. Muttering I headed back to the house.

I hope you learned something from this. 

Yes. You will always come and rescue me. 

Well, yes. That too. 


  1. Hahaha! My big black dog insists on having me save him constantly, too. He's convinced he can't do anything by himself any more. Apparently I'm a fabulous enabler.

  2. Oh my goodness she is adorable! It's good to be needed - right? ;)

  3. Aww you are a good dog mom.

  4. Gorgeous girl. I lived in Nepal for a while. Dogs with those brown marks over their eyes were considered to have the ability to see the spirit world.

  5. Did she 'click you' for that? :-)
    Our GSD farm dog came from the humane society - she is everything I could ever ask for; I shall have to write about her one day soon.


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