dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Southern hospitality

Virginia has always been on my list as a place to visit. And, even in February, you could see it's beauty. At least where we were. We saw rolling hills, mountains, beautiful estates and charming shops. The people were as nice as the scenery. 

In looking at hotel options I had many to choose from. I started by googling tack shops in Charlottesville. I found Dover Saddlery. Another place that I've always wanted to go. There was a hotel a block away- The Hampton Inn. Horse people will understand the choosing of a hotel based on proximity to a tack shop. The Inn was very nice- the beds were comfy, the breakfast good and the staff fabulous. Karen and I had a lot of fun at Dovers. It did not disappoint. 

I scored some new breeches:
The staff warned me that they were on the 'small side' and they were right- going up a size was required. 
My pet peeve about breeches is that they seemed designed for the pre-teen body. Which I don't have. These fit well. 
A new long sleeved top:
I'm glad I bought it, I needed it as a layer on Sunday

And lastly this lovely halter. I love leather halters but they get stiff in the cold- this combination of leather and webbing seemed perfect:
I bought navy. 
Catherine was an excellent hostess taking us around the countryside. I asked her if she knew an author I like- Rita Mae Brown. Turns out that her farm is on the same road as Catherine's. So we stopped by to get a shot. 

me by the entrance to Rita Mae Brown's farm

if you haven't read her books she has a series around the fox hunting that are a lot of fun to read. It's obvious that she knows horses and I enjoy her description of the characters who participate in the sport. I'd love to try it sometime.....

So I had a weekend of looking at beautiful horses, shopping,  eating fabulous food and meeting great people. Sounds good doesn't it? I have told Ed that we have to go back in better weather for a vacation. 


  1. I LOVE THE BREECHES!!! The zip up is perfect for those not so hot, not so cold days.

    and I will have to look up her series- sounds intriguing!

  2. LOVE Rita Mae Brown's books!

  3. Cool! Thanks for the suggestion on the books. I've never heard of them. They are going on my list immediately because fox hunting (without the fox) is awesome! :D


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