dancing horses

dancing horses

Monday, February 16, 2015

So where did I go?

In my searching I quickly realized that if I wanted another Andalusian (and I did) that I was going to be looking farther afield than my back yard. I did not want to start over with another yearling. I needed a horse that was backed or ready to be backed.

Here's the thing: Andalusians are scattered across North America. Here's the other thing: Steeles's bloodlines are Carthusian. He goes back to Evento (the first Spanish horse to compete in the Olympics) and Invasor 111 and Gaucho 111. Horses with that pedigree are not easily come by.  Ed told me that if I wante to go to Spain go ahead. How can you not love a man who says that? But that seemed extreme.

I did find a few horses that I kept returning to. One was in Oregon. And there were two in Virginia.  The seller also had a third one she was selling as well. I kept looking at their videos. I showed them to a friend who had her trainer in Spain look at them.

A few emails were exchanged and I booked a ticket to Virginia. I was so happy that my friend , Karen, was able to come too. She would be a second set of eyes and moral support.

Due to bad weather, I booked a room the night before at the airport hotel. When I arrived and checked in I decided that I had lost my mind. Who was I to be travelling to Virginia to look at horses? What on earth would the breeder of these beautiful horses think of this adult amateur from the back country of Nova Scotia?

I sent a text to Ed telling him that I was freaking out. He told me to relax. And that I wasn't obligated to buy anything. Before when we discussed it he had said to me "when you met Steele, it was love at first sight. It will be different this time because of what you lost.  But if there's no spark don't buy. It won't work. " he reminded me of this conversation and the asked "so when does Karen get there?"  Ha! He wanted someone there to calm me down.

Karen arrived and did calm me down. Our flights the next day were uneventful and we landed in Charlottesville Virginia.

Charlottesville is beautiful, even in February. The people are very nice as well. Catherine Sutton, the trainer, picked us up at the airport. She was our hostess for the next 2 days and she did a fabulous job.

I had three horses lined up to try on Saturday. The first was at a trainers barn   A bay mare named Reina. The owner met us at the barn. Her first question was 'what are you looking for in a horse?'  I was frozen and could not answer. All I could think was that I wanted Steele.  F I choked out that I had just lost a horse. Of course they wanted to know what happened. Fortunately, Karen explained it- I still can't talk about it.

Reina was a lovelyand regal  mare- she surveyed us from the wash stall. She reminded me of the Dowager Duchess on Downton Abby. I watched a young lady ride her first. She was a nice rider.  Then it was my turn. I hadn't ridden since the day Steele died. The weather was cold and windy and the others were surprised that I took my coat off.  But I'm Canadian (and I was dressed in layers). Despite the wind and all sorts of activity Reina was so well mannered. It's hard to ride a new horse in front of strangers but as I rode I could fell muscle memory returning. I started to smile. I realized that the joy that comes from just sitting on a horse was still there.  I began to have fun. I rode her for a bit and then dismounted. I checked her over in the was stall after and her manners were impeccable. But there was no spark. She will be a lovely mare for someone- just not for me.

But there were two more horses to try...


  1. Well this is interesting...
    I just got caught up. What a nice surprise.

  2. Your husband is so right, go with the spark.

  3. Oooooooh, you're leaving us hanging. I like your Hubby & the way he thinks.

  4. :D yep: true horseman you are! You recognized too whats required for a partner - even better! Im looking forward to hearing "the rest of the story"!

  5. I'm so excited to hear about the other two horses! I really, really hope you found that spark with one of them. It's so hard to accept another horse into your heart when you're grieving for the one you lost, but it truly does help the whole process. *hugs*


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