dancing horses

dancing horses

Monday, October 8, 2012

Steele sees a ghost

Yesterday I decided to take Steele for a walk. I went and got him from the field (update on that later) and decided that we should do a little explore into the woods. Irish followed us along the fence line but was not impressed when we entered the trail.
Irish "Come back! There are trolls in there!"
Steele "Trolls? What are trolls?"
he looks at me.
"Will the Trolls like me?"
Me "There are no such thing as trolls. What a brave boy, look at the pretty trees"

Steele looks around. He's alert but curious.

We walk a little further in.

A tree branch brushes his flank.
"ohh something tickled me"
Me: "it's just a tree. you are so brave"
Steele "that's true. I am very brave. Do you have any apples?"
Me "Not yet"
Irish (from a distance) "come back before you die a terrible death and leave me all alone. "
Steele tenses and looks at me.
"what a terrible death?"
I try to stand relaxed and look reassuring.
"nothing you need to worry about. However, Irish may have to"
"Can I eat it"
"then never mind"
He sighs and lowers his head.
I decide to turn around while it's all good. Besides further in it gets pretty mucky and I had visions of my boots getting stuck while Steele dragged me around.

We walk back and he gets a little in front of me. I give a gently tug on the lead line and say 'sloooww'. This what I've been doing to keep him with me- it works. He slows up.

When we leave the woods Irish is dancing around like a goof. "you're back. Thank heavens you're back! Don't ever do that again".

I turn Steele and we walk down the field away from the paddock. He walks along like a good horse. Irish starts to call again. We stop and I let him graze.
Irish "where are you going? Stop!!!"
Steele "mmph's omay, shtomf wowwyin" (this is how he sounds when his mouth is full of grass. Translation: it's okay, stop worrying.')

We walk down to the other entrance to the woods. This trail leads to the manure pile. He was so amazing as we walked by rubber pallets, an old bath tub (it was here when we moved in so don't judge me) and then the big pile of manure. Again he was alert but curious. When we came back out he spooked at a noise in the woods (most likely a rabbit). All he did was trot forward but didn't even tighten the lead line.

We walked up the driveway towards the house. We stopped by the kitchen window. He grazed a bit and then spied the window. His head came up, his ears came forward. Then his eyes widened and he leaned back. I looked- he could see his reflection. He was on high alert. I stood there and rubbed his shoulder. He stepped forward and then back.
 I would conjecture that his thoughts went like this:
where did that horse come from? 
He looks like his not quite there.
But he's awfully good looking.......

He stepped forward. Then back. Gingerly he reached his nose to the glass. So did the other horse. Steele blew. His own air blew back from the window and it fogged up.
whoa, that's weird. My nose says there's nothing there but my eyes see a horse!

I let him consider this for a moment and then I took him back to the barn. Where he enjoyed a nice groom and finally got his well deserved apple.


  1. LOL I still remember when Chrome saw his reflection for the first time. I even have a picture of it. He was so cute.

    Steele is so smart and brave! :D I love the commentary in your posts.

    Oh and of course we won't judge you on the old tub silly. The house I grew up in had one too. Those things are HEAVY!!! Wow. I think we used a truck and chain to move it. Or it may have been when the tractor was digging our pond. Don't remember for sure.

  2. I love your Steele and Irish stories. I can totally see it from thier point of view. Cute ponies!


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