dancing horses

dancing horses

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What is he thinking?

I drove home from work the other day and when I pulled into the driveway Steele came running from his field, looked at the car and then bee lined it into his stall.

so was he thinking:
A. She' home, she's home!! I hope she comes to the barn and says hi. I love her so much and I hate it when she's gone all day. 


B. Supper! Supper! It's supper time! Yay! Hurry up- feed me! feed me! It's SUPPER TIME!!!!!

Tell me what you think.

On another note I finally got a shot of Steele standing still and looking like a real horse. But look at the facial expression- he's plotting something......


  1. He is so cute! He almost looks like a blue roan (without the characteristic dark face obviously) right now. :D Do you think he will dapple out or just fade like Chrome is doing?

    Every horse I've ever met thinks with their stomach first lol. :D

    1. some days he looks more blue roan than others. I suspect that he will go flea bitten gray rather than dapple.

    2. I think Chrome is going to go flea-bitten too. His mom is very heavily flea-bitten. My trainer's horse was dappled gray for years before he went flea-bitten lol. Isn't it fun watching to see what gray horses are going to do? :D


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