dancing horses

dancing horses

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Sacking out continues

Although, it's rather embarrassing to call it that. The other day the horses were out in heavy rain. I brought them in but hadn't finished cleaning their stalls. So I put Steele in the cross ties. Because he was so wet I through a towel on his back while I was working. After I used it to rub the water out. I then realized that I was taking for granted that he would stand still while I flapped the towel around. And because I assumed he would and because he is so calm about most things.

He does have one bad habit:  He's eating Irish's tale! 

Irish has a beautiful golden tale. The idea of it being eaten fills me with horror. When I can I spray it with fly spray to make it taste bad but I'm looking for any other ideas you have!!!


  1. Try some liquid soap..it will make a mess for awhile but it should get the point across quickly..then you can discontinue!

  2. Aww not Irish's tail!!! No!! Bad Steele!

    On the other hand, good boy for being so calm about the towel. :) One reason he's so calm is because you are. Our behavior influences theirs. :D

    I don't really have any suggestions about poor Irish's tail. The soap sounds like a good idea. Maybe baby oil is something like cayenne pepper maybe? Or something that smells nasty like Shapely's MTG. It's great for their hair, but smells like sulfur. Just make sure to test it first in case he's allergic and don't put it on in the sun because it's oil based and will burn. Good luck finding a deterrent!


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