dancing horses

dancing horses

Friday, October 5, 2012

In which Steele disrupts Irish's schooling session...

Typically Steele is very well behaved while I ride Irish. He hangs out in his field, eats the grass and sometimes goes into Irish's stall to eat his hay while he waits.

Yesterday, about 10 minutes into our ride something spooked him. I have no idea what it was but he took off bucking and snorting and blowing. Of course Irish immediately went into high alert. I looked around and could not see what had startled him- but Steele would trot up the field, halt, blow and then bolt back to the barn. As you can imagine Irish did not take well to this and was looking for the monster in the bushes. I am, however, used to this, and just kept going. But it was not a good ride. More like a riding a pogo stick than a horse. Sigh.

I was torn between exasperation at Steele- "really? there's nothing there, just knock it off' and smiling 'oh, look how pretty he looks. Boy he can MOVE".
not from yesterday but the day before when I was not mounted :)

Steele finally settled down- had a roll and a nibble was back to normal in a few minutes. Irish, however, was on high alert for the whole ride and into supper time. Oh well. Not all rides can be perfect. Neither can all horses.


  1. Yesterday, Winston was doing the same thing. I think it was a combination of cooler weather (finally!) and feeling good after the chiropractor. Maybe Steele's antics were weather "yippee" related.

  2. I'm sure it was frustrating, but it is too funny. :D Silly Steele. And he is soooo gorgeous! I love that picture!

  3. well it is fall and the wind is cooler!


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