dancing horses

dancing horses

Friday, August 31, 2012

Steele's Busy Day

Yesterday morning the dogs and I headed out to the barn to feed the horses. d'Arcy, my Border Collie, reached the door first (of course). He stopped dead, did a double take and looked at me. He then backed up. I went to the door and saw Steele in the middle of the aisle reaching up to pull a hay bale off the top of the pile. While Irish watched from his stall.
'Hi' I said
He looked at me. Irish retreated into his stall- 'I had nothing to do with this!'.
'Hi' Steele said. 'I ran out of hay and am hungry'.

Rather than make a fuss about this I decided to ignore it. I went into the tack room and prepared breakfast. Steele watched from the doorway with great interest. I put his feed in his feed bin and he went back into his stall. I then inspected the damage- really there was none. One hay bale strewn everywhere, halters on the floor but no poop or other damage. I don't think that he was out long. I've been racking my brain as to whether I properly latched his door the night before. For the life of me I can't remember.

Later that morning the farrier arrived. We did Steele first. He was pretty good but the flies were stinging his legs and he objected to not being able to stamp. I sprayed him with fly spray to help. Overall it went fine just a couple small corrections. The farrier really likes his feet.

Irish and I are heading to a show this weekend so I was busy getting ready. Steele watched all of it with interest. That evening I used the clippers on Irish. I decided to bring Steele out to introduce him to them as well. When he was standing there I turned them on. His ears swivelled forward and he backed up. I left them on and then slowly brought them towards him about 6 inches. He stiffened and I pulled them away. And what happened next, I love:he walked toward them. He looked at them and I turned them off. I then turned them back on and moved them away. He followed and then put his lips on them. I made sure that he was just feeling the vibration, not the blade. We did this a few time. I then approached his body. He wasn't sure but stood when I asked. I placed the clippers against his body so he could feel the vibration. Within seconds he was relaxed as I rubbed them over his shoulder and neck. I decided to leave it there and turned them off and gave him a good groom.

As I was grooming him I realized that he looked very tired. After all it had been a busy day. So I put him back in his stall and he looked quite happy to go have a nap.

And yes, I made sure I latched it.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I forgot to introduce Chrome to clippers!!!! I don't really show so I never really use them, but it would probably be a good idea to teach him to accept them.... I wonder how he'd react. Thanks for the reminder!

    Good job Steele! I'm impressed and so happy. That's what clicker training does. It teaches them to be brave, curious and to interact with scary objects. :)

    I'm glad the escape was uneventful and that the trim went well. Flies on farrier day is the bomb lol.


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