dancing horses

dancing horses

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Assistant

As I said in my last entry- Irish and I were away at a horse show last weekend while Steele and my husband, Ed stayed home. Last time I went away and left them I texted a lot to make sure things were okay. I believe that Ed was a bit insulted by that so this time I was strong and didn't do that. I figured that if there was a problem I would find out. Since the phone stayed silent all weekend I wasn't worried.

When we returned home Steele was ecstatic. As he did last time he greeted both Irish and I. He stayed with me for a bit and then trotted out to see Irish. Poor Irish- Steele kept biting him on the tail to get his attention. Irish would ignore it until it became too annoying and then he would tell him to piss off. Steele would back off and graze trying to look completely innocent. Once Irish was engrossed in the grass again (after all he didn't have it for three whole days) Steele would get an evil gleam in his eye and come at him again. Is it wrong of me to laugh about this? Of course I won't be laughing if Steele eats Irish's tail to nothing. I may need to put some soap on it......

I asked Ed how things went and he said that it was all fine. He then told me this story:

Ed decided to put some pasture seed down in the bare areas of the field. He had his hand spreader and the bag of seed. As he was spreading he looked back to see Steele with nose fully in the seed bag strewing it around gleefully. Ed said that he yelled at him but was ignored until he came back to the bag. At this point, Steele lifted his head out and looked at him innocently 'oh were you talking to me? I thought you were yelling at the dogs'. Ed picked up the seed bag and put it outside the fence. After that Steele followed him with his nose over his shoulder as Ed walked back and forth spreading the seed.

Obviously I need a webcam. I am so sorry that I missed this but the visual in my head is funny too.


  1. Well, now you know Tequila works really well in a freestyle so you're all set to go! :)

  2. ROFLOL!!!!! That's the best Fergus cartoon EVER!!!!

    Steele is soooo helpful. :D You do need a webcam! I would love to see his antics.

    How did the show go??

    1. the show went very very well. I was pleased with how responsive and soft Irish was. He was still tense but not nearly as bad as he's been in the past. He just does not enjoy showing. He worries too much. :(

    2. Yay! I'm glad it went well. :D I had a friend with a Thoroughbred/Appaloosa cross that she showed in dressage and he was a worrier too. She finally retired him and sold him to someone as a trail horse. I wanted to buy him sooooo bad, but I didn't have the money at the time. I miss him. I took lessons on him and he was my favorite horse at the barn so I totally understand what you mean about Irish. :)


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