dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, August 5, 2012

In which Steele is left all alone

The riding club I belong to had a fun weekend away. We spent the morning practicing in a dressage ring with all the riders helping each other. Then a hack through the woods in the afternoon. We stayed at a place where there was a house to stay in. So after the hack we ate. And drank. And watched videos. In the morning we had another hack and then went home. It was fabulous.

I decided to leave Steele at home because he does need to get used to being alone. Ed stayed home to look after him. I doubt that anyone would be surprised to learn that I phoned a couple times. It felt a lot like leaving a child. Ed assured me that all was fine. He said that Steele tended to hang around the barn unless Ed went with him out into the field. But he ate, slept all normal. Phew.

When Irish and I pulled into the driveway he was so excited. It went like this:
Steele: "you're home. You're home"
Irish: "yes, thank heavens. I thought it was going to be a show but it was okay"
Steele: "Hurry up, get off that moving box!"
Irish: "Just a sec. I have to stand still or else she won't let me off. Watch my self control"
<Irish stands still>
Steele: "wow"

I let Irish back off of the trailer and bring him into the barn. I remove his shipping boots quickly and then let him out into the paddock. In the mean time Steele dances with glee in and out of the stalls. Irish heads out to the grass pasture with Steele dancing around "whee you're back. I'm so happy you're back. I didn't eat all the grass. I saved some for you. What do you want to do first?"

He then stopped dead and looked back at me. Irish kept walking out to the field, probably worried that I might change my mind. I waited for Steele to follow but he didn't. He came dancing back to me.
"you're back too! I'm so happy you're back. Ed was lonely but don't worry I stayed close to the barn so he had some company. I also took him for a walk around the field for exercise. He didn't eat much grass though."

And he stayed with me until I left him so he could back with his buddy. But I did have a warm feeling in my heart.


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