dancing horses

dancing horses

Monday, August 27, 2012

In which you meet Irish

Meet Irish- my 12 year old Appendix. 

He's by the TB stallion 'A Fine Romance' out of a QH mare. I cannot remember her name. I have owned him since he was 3 years of age.  His registered name is 'So Romantic' and his barn name when I bought him was 'Romeo'. When I did the PPE the vet asked me 'are you going to call him Romeo?'. 'NO!' I said. I just couldn't see myself calling him that. After much deliberation I settled on 'Irish'. His show name is 'Irish Gold'. 

We have quite the history. I've heard it said that people get the horse they need not necessarily the ones they think they want.Irish is lovable, sweet, highly distractible, often tense and very athletic. The first year under saddle,he had me off so many times with his bucking. It was never mean, or with the intention to get me off, he just was sensitive and would react quickly. He taught me to not only sit a buck but to prevent one (something even more important). A judge once described us  as 'an exuberant pair'. 
He taught me patience (well, to be honest, he's still teaching me that- I am not known for my patience). He worries a lot about stuff. This had led to less than stellar scores at our shows. I have learned to accept that (mostly). I don't show for ribbons anyway- I like hanging out with horse people. Of course I wasn't always that way, I was very driven. But Irish didn't react well to my being driven, so I have learned to dial it back. He can be frustrating on group trail rides because he HAS to be in front or else he misbehaves. But once he gets in front he slows down and doesnt' lead the group past spooky stuff. sigh. I've tried to talk to him about it but he doesn't seem to understand that being in front means that he's the 'leader'. :)
what? me in charge?

Irish is a good pasture mate. He really has no interest in being the boss. I maintain that he could be used as a nursemaid. 

So I wasn't too worried about how he would be with Steele. I was more worried that he would let Steele walk all over him. But I needn't have worried. He's been a gem. He takes his role very seriously. It's quite funny. The other day I brought a tarp into the field as part of my sacking out process with Steele. 
Irish: "AHHHHHH a monster!!! Run AWAY!!"
Steele: 'eeeeeeeee. uh. wait. shouldn't we check it out?'
Irish: "No, flee for your lives"
Steele: "wheee, let's run some more. Hey! I have an idea. Let's run to that big blue thing Mom has"
Irish: 'ok you go first. No never mind! You do want you want I'm going back to the barn. '

So I brought the tarp to the barn and dropped it on the ground. Steele played with it for a while and then after a while Irish picked it up. 

I think that Steele is making Irish braver. :) 


  1. Irish is a beauty. I love his face. It is amazing what horses teach us, each one. He looks like he is having fun with that tarp.

  2. I LOVE Fergus cartoons!!!! LOL.

    I also love that picture of Irish (love the name, good choice!) looking out of the red barn. Accentuates his coat wonderfully. :D

    I'm glad Steele is teaching Irish to be more brave. I was worried about how Chrome's companions would affect him, but like Steele he has such a brave, confident personally that he's had a positive effect on his companions instead. Win/Win! :D


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