dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, October 19, 2014

It Takes a Village

Sometimes as I ride I get a bit philosophical. However, I did minor in Philosophy in University so I guess that I shouldn't be surprised.

Anyway, my thoughts are not new to myself and certainly not to anyone else. However, it did come home to me how a number of elements came together to create Steele.

First off, there's his breeders: http://www.doscompaneros.com/index.php who were committed to breeding quality horses that would be rideable. They were careful in who they chose to sell to as well.  I know that there can be good horses out of all sort of circumstances and we can't all buy high end horses. However, it's not rocket science that just because you have a mare that it should be bred.
The breeders also did a great job raising their foals. So that when Steele came home to live with me he was well used to people and being handled.

My vet and farrier have been fabulous in helping him learn how to be a model citizen.

There are all my fellow horseman who have given me the benefit of their knowledge and experience as I raised a yearling. If they engaged in any eye rolling they kept it to themselves. I loved having them come to visit with us and tolerate my 'oh isn't he beautiful' gushing (seriously- I'm sure that I was/am very annoying).

Then there's all the people who have taken the time to teach Steele and I. All have been keen to work with us and were able to help me develop a plan for continuing to work. I fully appreciate the patience and sense of dedication (not to mention sense of humour) that is required of riding instructors.

Then there's Royce- he gave us a great start allowing me to carry on and feel safe. So safe that today we went for a hand gallop around the ring.
a photo I took of Royce at a local barrel racing event
Let's not forget Ed- not only does he do a ton of work around the farm but he also does all sorts of stuff never expecting Steele to spook. All of which has led to Steele tolerating all sorts of stuff that many horses don't know about. Not to mention a desire to play with power tools.

*cough**cough* ahem. and what about me? 

Right- Irish. He's done a brilliant job raising a baby with manners around other horses.

What's my role in all this? Basically to not screw up. Of course there's more to it than that. I have worked very hard over the past few years getting him used to lots of things and riding him to the very best of my ability. I do believe that we are forming a partnership and I can't wait to see where it takes us.

So the next time someone tells you how 'lucky' you are to have a such a good horse keep in mind that luck has nothing to do with it.
ha! I was always perfect. She just loves to exaggerate...


  1. So true!!! I can't remember how old Steele was when you got him... a yearling? How many other horses has he been exposed to? I got Chrome at five months old. He was with the filly for a while, had a gelding neighbor directly across the fence, was with Faran for a couple of years and has had the donkey with him a long time, but that's pretty much it. Oh and from birth to five months he was with a bunch of horses. He gets soooo excited around other horses... Is Steele like that? Or do you have neighbors with horses? Or has he been exposed to more than Chrome? I can't figure out if Chrome's reactions are normal or if he's a sheltered lunatic lol. Thanks for any perspective!!!

    1. Steele was raised with a small 'herd' of horses while a baby. When he was weaned he was moved to another stable (with his mama) where there were many other horses. Here, of course, it's just Irish but we have horses walking by. Irish, who's always been around lots of horses, loses his mind when they go by. Steele is 'meh'. Can you take Chrome to where he can see the horses and then make him do ground work that forces him to focus on you? that would help.

    2. Unfortunately they are all on paved roads... I could do stuff like walk, whoa, back up, but I couldn't longe him or anything. That's so weird that Steele doesn't care and he been exposed to fewer horses than Irish lol! Hopefully Chrome will realize it's no big deal someday. My pasture isn't by a road anymore so he can't see them ride by. Also there is a stallion nearby who neighs all the time and stirs him up. Anyway thanks for the info!!

  2. There are many things that go into making a nice horse and Steele has gotten the best base possible. The "lucky" part for you is that he also has a wonderful temperment (the part that so many people don't think about when breeding -- so part breeding, part luck). Thanks for your comment on Jackson. It's dead right. Duh. Its much better for him to be on the lean side with his feet issues. I'm going to stop stressing about it. Thanks!


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