dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Autumn Colour

This is not a riding blog post. I rode yesterday and it was fabulous. Again.

But what is also fabulous is the colours around us.

So I decided to post some photos. I got the idea when the photo I posted in my last post was 'explored' on Flickr. What that means is that my photo was selected by someone who works at Flickr as worthy of posting publicly. It results in lots of views and comments.
Why they chose this photo over all the brilliant work on Flickr, I have no idea. However, I must confess is that the subject is pretty darn compelling.

However, Irish looks fabulous against the colours:

Fall is my favourite time of year. the weather is usually beautiful, the bugs are gone and it's not too hot nor too cold.

And some random shots of the dogs and a squirrel, just, because. 

this weather frizzes my hair!

looking for critters in the tall grass

come on down and play!


with all this harassment I need some compensation

And one cute story about Steele: this afternoon I was filling water buckets and got distracted. I heard the water overflowing and ran to shut it off. Steele came into the stall to see what was up and surveyed the damage. He then drank off the top of the bucket so it stopped spilling over. It's lovely to have a horse that is so helpful.

I'm going to be offline for a couple weeks so don't worry. I'll be back. 


  1. Beautiful photos! Not that I'm surprised, I've always loved your photography.

  2. Aww Steele is so helpful!! I love the pictures! This is my favorite time of year too (if I don't think too hard on what comes next)! :D


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