dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Rude Awakening

My morning routine is pretty much set: The alarm goes off, I get up, turn on the coffee and head out to the barn. I feed the horses and then muck out the stalls while they eat. When Irish is done (I'm sure that you would be surprised that Steele is always done first) I go outside to open the doors from the stalls to the paddock.

There is a gap between the fence post and the barn that is just large enough to squeeze through. I always go through there and walk along the barn wall to get the doors open.

Bear with, this is relevant.

These days it is still dark in the morning. There are motion lights over the large barn doors but not on the side of the barn.This means that I really can't see when I go out to open the first stall door.  But this doesn't matter because I know where everything is.

Or I thought I did. This morning was particularly dark because of the heavy cloud and rain we've been having. I was on autopilot this morning doing my chores and thinking of the warm house and hot cup of coffee that would be waiting for me when I went in. I headed out to the side of the barn and was walking towards to Irish's door when I hit something with my shins.

what the... was all I could think before I plunged head first into the water trough. I came up sputtering and soaked.  I realized that had happened but couldn't figure out why.

WTF  good heavens why is the water trough by the barn? 

I realized that the water trough had been moved from the location that I had it to be beside the barn. And since I didn't move it that left just one person.


Now it's not unusual for Ed to move stuff around according to his sense of order. I have also my own sense of order. We typically manage by respecting each others' space. Every now and then though, Ed can't help himself.

The combination of cold air, rain and the water I fell in meant that I was soaked and cold. However, I was so pissed off I'm sure that there was steam rising off my head.
It was lucky for him that he was still in the house. I finished up my chores and squelched back to the house. Ed was sitting there with his iPad, drinking coffee and looking warm and dry. I couldn't help myself. I threw my soaked glove at him. It splatted on his leg.

Why did you do that? 
It's a surprise isn't it? Kinda like falling into a water trough in the morning because it was moved 
why would you fall in it? 
Because it's dark out! 

I saw comprehension dawn. Turns out that he moved the water trough so he could get the tractor through the gate and didn't put it back and it didn't occur to him that it was a trap for me.

At least that's what I'm going with.

So we talked about moving my stuff. And how I felt about that.

works for husbands too

There's never a dull moment on Oakfield Farm.


  1. Well... when you live on your own, you get just as mad, but have no one to blame but yourself. ;D

  2. ....... I'm so sorry...... but I can't help laughing..... I hate that you got dunked, but the visual is my head is absolutely hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!! You should make Ed clean stalls for a week hehe. I'm glad you weren't hurt though.

  3. Oh dear! Glad you weren't hurt. Ed will consult with you for future trough moves I suspect :P

  4. Oh, my, I'm sorry that you got soaked but that is REALLY funny. I can so identify with your routine and thinking about coffee and being so pissed at Ed. My routine on the weekends is identical -- I turn on the coffee pot on my way out to the barn and I do a lot by feel in the dark. Maybe I should rethink that. Trust me, this will be funny a few months down the road. snicker snicker snort.


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