dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hurry Up Spring

Spring cannot come too soon. As we prepare for yet another week of frigid temperatures Steele and I are starting to get restless. I'd love to have an indoor, but unless I win the lottery that's not going to happen. So I do what I can.

yesterday I was cleaning out the stalls and Steele wanders in.
Hi! Whatcha doin'?
He's looking for attention and some love. However, it's not easy to clean a stall with him picking up the muck bucket, nuzzling my ear and trying to get out of the stall into the aisle. So I chase him out. He goes into the stall beside and starts making faces at me. He then starts playing with the latch. I'm sure that he's going to figure it out one of these days and my life will get more difficult. I'm reminded of the time I was trying to stop squirrels from eating all the bird seed in my feeders. I bought different contraptions and tried all sorts of strategies to outsmart the squirrels. The result of all of this was smarter squirrels. Ed was amused no end by my tactics. It started to become an obsession as I perused war plans catalogues and started muttering about buying a 22. I don't want to go down this road with Steele.

To prevent him from getting into more mischief I grab his halter and bring him in for some grooming. He loved it. He's such an expressive horse- stretching out to show me where to scratch and curling his lip when I get it perfect. I then weighed and measured him. He's now 15'3 and weighs 1166 (according to my tape).  After out session I led him back out figuring that he would be satisfied and wander off. Nope, he came back in for more. As long as I was in the barn he was going to hang out.

What we both need is a break in the weather so we can get back to work. I have my plan all worked out:

  • saddle fitting
  • review last years lessons of lunging and ground driving
  • continue getting used to saddle and weight
  • backing
It's like waiting for Christmas when you're a kid. 
In the meantime...
Steele playing with the latch.(taken with the iphone)
Board Room Conference: I'd love to know what they're talking about here


  1. We are also bracing for another storm. I hope it blows over, but from the looks of the radar, that isn't going to happen.

    The mare I used to lease could open the stall latch like the one Steele is working on. She also taught her friend to do the same thing. Double the fun.

  2. Ugh on the weather! I hope it has warmed up for you by now.

    Steele is 15.3hh now?? No fair! He's an inch taller than Chrome now lol. :)


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