dancing horses

dancing horses

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Annual Check Up

Late winter, early March means it's time for the annual vet visit, complete with vaccinations, check up and teeth floating. I was lucky and got the first visit of the morning. This means that the vet stops in on his way to the office (I'm on the way) and there's less likely to be delays because of other calls. I don't mind being put off because another person needs the vet more, but it is easier if I don't have to rebook.

I decided to keep them in until after the appointment. Irish was not impressed and used his facial expressions and body language to communicate that quite clearly. I ignored him. I cleaned the stalls and gave them each a groom. Just as I was finished all my chores he drove up. Perfect timing.

We started with Irish. When the vet walked in to his stall he stopped and looked.
I smiled
"he's fat! Well he's not fat, but he has cover on his ribs"
I grinned.
"remember that diet that I said I wanted to try in the fall?"
"ta dah!" I flourished toward Irish (imagine Vanna White but in coveralls and with hay in her hair).
"That's terrific" he said. He admired Irish's thick winter coat and commented on it's sheen (elbow grease).
all that and a bag of chips
Irish was his usual cooperative self getting his teeth done and his needles.

then it was Steele's turn.

The vet thought that Steele was looking nice and mature. He said that Steele was his first chance to see an Andalusian grow and he liked what he saw so far.
"How's his weight?" I asked and held my breath.
"oh he's good. He has a layer like Irish but he's not fat"
Phew. I did an internal triumphal fist pump while maintaining my outward cool and calm demeanour.

Steele had a couple sharp edges on his teeth that the vet filed away. He was not that impressed with the process- backing up and trying to get away. But he didn't put his heat into it and handled it all very well. When the vet was done he rubbed his head on me and looked at me as though to say 'what the heck was that about? "

Now last year when the vet gave him his needle Steele barely flinched. This time when the needle went he completely tensed. His arched his neck and managed to look appalled and offended all at the same time. He looked at the vet
"what the heck man?!"
I could see a glimpse of the proud horse he's going to mature into. I do not think that he will like anyone taking liberties.

The vet finished quickly. He then came and began to scratch Steeles neck. Steele ignored him and did his best to appear aloof but he could only maintain it for a few seconds.
"darn it, he knows all the itchy spots"

The vet said that he wanted to spend a few minutes with Steele to make up to him. Have I mentioned how I love my vet? He was busy (he's always busy) but bonding with the horses is important to him so he makes the time. I went and grabbed a carrot and gave it to the vet.

Scratches and food- the perfect combination. The vet left the strangles vaccine for me to give later.

I'm so proud that I've been able to manage to keep a thin horse fat and a fat horse thin.

Next on the list--- getting a saddle fitted.....so stay tuned!

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  1. Yay! Success in the weight department with horses is always awesome. :D


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