dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, March 9, 2014

How Horses creep into all aspects of life

There have been situations that I've been in only because I am a horse person. The existance of my horses makes it way into other aspects of my life. I thought that I would describe some that I've found myself in and see if anyone has other stories to share:

#1. This is an actual exchange that I had today on Facebook. A friend of mine is a retired teacher and he put on FB that he had a bunch of equipment for anyone that would benefit. I asked him if he had a microscope:
Me: Do you have a microscope?
J: I have an old microscope
Me: Ooh can I have it
J: yes
Me: Thanks for the microscope. How much do you want for it? Can you bring it tuesday or do you want me to bring it?
J: Can you drop by and check it out?
Me: I could tomorrow if you tell me how to find you. I want the microscope so that I can check for worms in fecal samples.
***silence for several minutes*****
J: Let me check is the lenses are still in it and I'll get back to you later. I've got a few things to do. Including wiping my coffee off the screen.

Poor J- one minute he's being generous on FB and the next minute he's faced with images that he never thought he would have.

#2. Hay and other horse detritus making it's way from home to unexpected places:
 Like, I'm at work in a meeting when my colleague reaches across and plucks a hay off of my sweater. I tried to be all innocent and non-plussed as to how it could have gotten there.

Or while curling last night my opposite competitor picked up some debris off the ice. "Why it looks like grass!" she ays shocked. I put on my best shocked face and then surreptitiously checked myself over.

Or when I was going away for work and put my sneakers in the hotel closet to use later. When I opened up the closet all I could smell was 'barn'. Oops. I learned that I need on-the-farm sneakers and off-the-farm sneakers.

#3. I was at an executive course a few weeks ago and over lunch I became involved in a conversation with another person about owning horses and a small property. We got quite involved on the topic of 'manure' and it's value. All of a sudden we realized that everyone else had left the table.......

#4. When Irish colicked a few months ago I gave him a shot of banamine. Rather than take the needle back to vets I decided to take it to the phramacy in the building where I work. There was this teenage boy working there and I explained that I had a 'sharp' to dispose of. He brought out the container and I pulled out my needle. His eyes got huge and he looked in shock from me to the needle. I smiled sweetly and said 'it was for my horses'. I could see him struggling with this idea and whether they accept animal needles and then I saw him give up thinking about it and he simply shrugged and gave me the container.

#5. At a work lunch a few weeks ago we brought in boxed lunches. My boss' lunch had an apple with a big bruise. She went to throw it out and I spoke up immediately "I'll take that!" She gave me  curious look "it's for my horses" I explained. I got the apple.

#6. A friend of mine was visiting and we were in my tack room. She saw the package of sanitary napkins in my cupboard. She looked at me curiously. "They make fabulous bandages" I explained. "They soak up a lot of blood....." at that point she was no longer interested in the discussion.

#7. When I can't sleep I practice dressage tests in my head. I find riding in my head very soothing and it allows me relax enough so I can sleep.

#8. A few years ago at lunch everyone was talking about a local scandal of two married people having an affair. As the discussion continued I spoke up. "I could never have an affair" I stated firmly. Everyone nodded. "It would cut into my riding time"  Everyone laughed. Our secretary spoke up "she's not really joking..." And she's right. I wasn't.

There really is no compartmentalizing horses in my life. I have come to accept that and am completely comfortable with it. however, I suspect that I will need someone to inspect me for hay at for my children's wedding....

of course we complete your life. And I assume that we're invited to the weddings


  1. I was once at a birthday dinner in a restaurant (luckily all horse people) during which the birthday girl couldn't budge a stubborn ribbon on a package. Immediately everyone rummaged through their purses, the entire table whipping out knives. The winner? The team roper with an enormous roping knife she forgot to stick back on her saddle. Huge, sharp, curved, serrated - it looked like something out of Aladdin, meant to slice through a rope with a steer at the other end, in case your hand got caught. We were kind of in a corner, realized we could scare the heck out of the rest of the patrons, and silently put our knives away. Then cracked up. Horses. You're always prepared! Love the list.

    1. oh my god that's hilarious. I actually own an equestrian swiss army knife that I love so I can relate

  2. These are great! I say a lot of things that sound weird to people without horses but I never even notice how it sounds until someone points it out to me hehe. Oh and about the only thing I post of Facebook is horse pictures. :)


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