dancing horses

dancing horses

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Friday after work before starting chores I headed up to the top of the hill to check out the ring. I was thrilled to see that it was thawed. I became so excited. Finally I could use it again. The horses were both watching me and I couldn't resist saying to Irish "Tomorrow is a big day". He looked at me suspiciously.

This morning I had a spring in my step as I did the chores. I let the horses out and headed back into the house for my coffee.  I was trying to let the ring thaw (the temp had dropped to freezing overnight). However, it was also forcast to rain so I was trying to make sure I didn't wait too late. I finally couldn't take it any longer and put on my breeches. I went up to check the raing. It was somewhat soft. Since I was only planning to walk Irish I figured that it would be fine. As I went into the field Irish came right up to me for his halter. I gave him a groom and tacked him up. He stood in the cross ties looking quite keen on the whole venture.

I mounted up and headed into the ring. He was a bit 'up' at first but quickly settled into work. LIke I said I just wanted to walk but i was glad that the ring didn't encourage trotting because I'm sure that I would have been tempted to push it. However, I havent' been in a saddle since November and given  Irish's history I didn't want to make him sore. It felt so nice to be in the saddle again. I liked how he felt as well- I could definitely feel his weight gain. He didn't feel sore anywhere. We worked on bending, leg yields, circles, lengthening and shortening reins. I also worked on stopping him just with my seat and it worked perfectly. I ended it there so that we were both happy.

And what was Steele doing while I took his BFF away? Ignoring us completely and eating all the hay.

While I was riding I saw that some rocks had made their way up over the winter.  I decided to empty the manure cart and then drag the ring. I wrestled the drag out of storage and headed back up the hill. I hooked it up and started going around. As I was getting into the groove I head the dogs barking. I looked up and there were 3 young boys standing on the hill watching me. I waved and kept working. They watched me drive, stop, pick up rocks, drive, stop and pick up rocks. When I got closer one called out and asked if I wanted them to pick the rocks for me. Sure. So they did. When we were done they wanted to see the horses. Turns out that they were visiting their grandparents next door. I smiled and said that his bull had been over to visit (for history see my blog post on Charlie part 1 and 2). The oldest one informed me that Charlie had passed on. I tried to look sympathetic. We had a little chat and then I had to head out so we parted ways. I told them to feel free to come and visit again.

Just as I was coming into the house for lunch the rain started. I had time to grab a quick lunch and shower and then headed out to Lunenburg. I had volunteered to help set up photos for an exhibit my photo club was having. It's an exhibit to celebrate World Water Day.  This took way longer than I expected but I got home in time to feed and then Ed and I headed to the pub for supper and some music.

I am now sitting in my pjs, tired but satisfied. It would have wonderful to work Steele but I'm glad that I spent the time ensuring that the ring was safe for him. After all, Tomorrow is another day.

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  1. Aww what sweet boys! The kids around here would not have offered to help.... well none that I've met anyway. They just try to spook your horse when you're riding down the road and then cuss at you when you try to tell them how dangerous that is... I'm glad there are some good ones out there too. :)


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