dancing horses

dancing horses

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Steele and the Farrier

My farrier, Paul, came on saturday to do both of the horses. I quite like my farrier- he never hurries even if he's pressed for time. Irish does not have the best feet and Paul has  worked hard to make sure that he's shod properly.

I brought Irish in to be done first. Steele ignored all of us and stayed out in the little paddock munching on hay. In the past he would hang out in the stall and generally make a pest of himself. Sort of like a adolescent boy trying to attract attention. But not this time- to an outside observer he was totally oblivious to us.

I told Paul that I thought that Irish had an absess that blew last week. He had been lame and then there was a hole in the side of his foot. Sure enough there was signs that it was there, right where I thought. Irish is abscess prone- which has caused some problems in the past. I worry less about it now. I also used to follow all sorts of recommended treatments: soaking, poulticing etc. I have never found that they made a blind bit of difference. The only thing that works is turning him out to move around and time. So now I don't do anything other than to monitor him.

When Irish was done, I turned him out. As soon as he left, Steele left the hay and sauntered in.

"I'm ready for my turn"

So he was paying attention- he just knew to wait his turn! I wasn't ready and had to run and get his halter while he stood somewhat patiently and talked to Paul.

"you know I don't know how she could be caught off-guard. I mean it's not like a surprise that I need my feet done too"

I grabbed his halter and put it on while Steele helped. This is a new thing- he doesn't wait for me to put his halter on but tries to hurry up the process. It doesn't always seem to be that helpful. I'm trying to get it over his ears and he's moving around and sending forth a 'you're too slow'  vibe. I finally got the halter on and brought him into the aisle. Steele is pretty well behaved with the farrier. He did get a little restless with his hind leg. He wanted to shift and couldn't when his leg up in the air. He tried to take it from Paul. Paul growled at him and I saw Steele's eye get a  'you're not the boss of me'  glint. He pulled a little harder. This time Paul and I both growled at him. He looked at me.
"but he's taking too long and I want to rest my OTHER leg!'

I reached up and stroked his forhead. His eye softened, lowered his head and blew gently.

And he left his foot right where it was until Paul was finished.

When Steele was done we all had a cup of coffee and chatted horse stuff. Then he was on his way and I fed the horses supper. It may be weird but I always gett a good feeling after their feet are done.

After all, no hoof, no horse!
these new feet are springy!

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