dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Date Night

Friday Ed and I managed to get away overnight with friends. We had tickets to see Blue Rodeo. (if you don't know this band you should check them out- they are fabulous). Rather then drive home after the concert we decided to stay over.

However, that's not easy when you have animals. Fortunately our wonderful 'sitter' was available so we could do this. I took the afternoon off so I could get everything ready for her. Once that was done we hit the road. We checked into the hotel and met up with another couple and headed to the Midtown Tavern (a Halifax Landmark) for a beer and snack. This was followed by dinner with the rest of the gang at Durty Nelly's (a fun place to eat and they have Muphy's Stout on tap there!). The lovely thing about Halifax is that the downtown is small so you can walk everywhere! The concert was wonderful. Except for one thing- there were a pair of young women behind me who talked non-stop. Well in fairness, one of them talked non-stop! I believe that she was oblivious that she could possibly annoying as she prattled on, sang along and generally made herself a nuisance. I was tempted to turn around and tell to be quiet and try to just enjoy the music but I'm too Canadian so I didn't. :) Instead I did my best to tune her out and I was mostly successful.

It was a fun night. I actually stayed up until 2 a.m! I haven't done that in forever! It was heavenly to sleep in and not have any chores the next morning. We all met for breakfast and then it was time to head home. We had lovely time. And It was all thanks to our sitter.

 I was happy to get away and I was just as happy to return home. I know that some of my friends think that we're crazy to tie ourselves down with the animals. But I really wouldn't trade it for a thousand date nights.

oh look, she's back. 

I don't see how the city is better than the woods
welcome home! Joanne gave me lots of pats though
home sweet home


  1. Your place is as pretty as a post card! I would be excited to get home too.

  2. I agree! All of those could be postcards! So gorgeous! You are so talented. Sounds like a fun date night, but I'm always glad to get back home too hehe.


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