dancing horses

dancing horses

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Day after

The blizzard ended yesterday around 4. We got a lot of snow. Ed went out and plowed the driveway so he could take our son to the airport and back to University. This morning I figured that Irish and Steele would be excited to get out after spending the day outside. So I brought my camera with me. I opened the door expecting to get lovely shots of them in fresh snow.

It was  a total flop. Irish sauntered out to the hay box and Steele moseyed into Irish's stall to clean up any hay he left behind. This was the most exciting thing I saw:

See how the snow stops about 4 feet from the barn? It certainly made my job easier than the last time when it was piled up 3 feet against their doors.

Anyway, obviously the ponies were not going to cooperate so I went into the house for my morning coffee. After Ed and my son left I grabbed the snow shoes and took the dogs for a walk. However, the snow was too deep to take them on my usual route. Even in my snow shoes I sank a good 5-6 inches with every stride. So we hung out in the woods where it was more shallow.
I give up. I can't really go any further

 On my return journey I came around the field to the top. Irish spied me and went to yellow alert. When he saw me in my snow shoes this was his reaction:

look at that hind end- it looks good to me! But he's still a big chicken

This was Steele's reaction:
hey, what's up with your feet? Let me see!

hmm, interesting. do they come in my size? I could really mess with Irish then!
 Horses are like people- all are very different.


  1. I miss running around in the snow on pony back. Your boys look so happy in the snow.

  2. Steele's reaction is totally how Chrome would have reacted!!!!


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