dancing horses

dancing horses

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


It's been interesting- now that Steele is 3 he's starting to show how he'll mature. The other day in the snow I got a new favourite photo of him:

I think that it shows his potential for dressage. When I look at this I see a horse that's naturally uphill and has a natural self carriage. When I observe his gaits from the ground they look to be comfortable. His temperament is bold without being brash, lovable and he has a level of pride that won't allow him to suffer fools.

All I need to do is not ruin it.

I know that we'll have good moments, bad moments, brilliant moments and brilliantly awful moments. I am not a seasoned dressage trainer who's competed on numerous horses at a national level. I am a middle aged woman with her 3rd horse.

And do you know what? That's okay. I'll seek out help to back him and regular instruction. I won't be perfect all the time but I will always try to be perfect.

And I think that it will be fine.


  1. It will be fine... and fun. :D
    I'd be excited about that photo too!

  2. That description of yourself sounds familiar. What a beautiful photo!

  3. He is lovely! I have a 3 yr old too. It's fun to watch them grow and change and wonder if they'll become the horse you want. It is definitely a bit of a gamble. But a good feeling to know you were there to help shape them!

  4. "All I need to do is not ruin it." My sentiments exactly!! I'm hoping I don't ruin Chrome. I had so hoped to have help from my trainer by now, but I just can't afford it right now with the move and building the house. Keeping my fingers crossed our old house sells soon so things will get easier.


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