dancing horses

dancing horses

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Breaking News

This just in from our field reporter...well barn reporter....well barn servant, Teresa:

It turns out that Irish does not approve of cats who have bells on their collars.

I just don't like the jingling sound. Said Irish during the interview.

I mean, there's this sound and like, you can't tell where it's coming from. I've heard that trolls also wear bells, so how's an alert horse to tell the difference? Besides, do you know how unnerving it is to hear ~jingle~jingle~tinkle from your hay? It's taken years off of my life! 

Other horses appear to be more tolerant.

Despite his youth, Steele appears to be unfazed about the tinkling feline.

I was all like, what's that? Should I be worried? And then I thought HAY. Literally. You gave me hay and I figured it was all fine.  Can I have my apple now?

When questioned, Martin (the feline in question) was relunctant to be interviewed, limiting his statements to no comment  and can you get this thing off of me? it's ruining my image. 

And that's the news.
Live from Oakfield Farms, this is Teresa signing off.

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