dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A visit with the Vet

The vet came out today to float teeth and to give them a booster for EEE. I have Irish's teeth done twice a year as he gets some nasty hooks. I knew it was time when he started taking a long time to eat and dropping feed.

While I waited for the vet I brought them down to the small paddock and puttered around getting things tidy. After all, I wouldn't want my vet to think that I'm a bad barn keeper. I gave the horses their wormer while I was waiting. I don't need a halter or anything- they will stand in the paddock and let me give it.

We started with Steele. When I brought him out the vet was getting his tools ready and filled the bucket with water. Steele came up to inspect the bucket. He was curious and polite. The vet gave him the once over and pronounced that he was not 'fat'. Definitely not thin but not fat. Yay for me and being careful about the diet. Can you hear Steele grumbling? Also Steele was very prompt and obedient about picking up his feet and did not push into the vet once. Phew.

 He then checked his teeth. Right on schedule Steele is starting to drop his baby teeth (or caps). The vet did a little work on some edges and a cap came off. I tried to find it later but couldn't. Steele really was not sure about this whole thing and backed away. I really like my vet he's very low key and simply goes with him and allows him to figure out. Steele had one eye on me the whole time and I'm sure he was asking if this was all okay. I just kept my body language calm and praised him for being quiet. He calmed down and by the end was being a proper gentleman. I don't think he even noticed the needle.

Then it was Irish's turn. His weight is very good and he even had a layer of fat. I don't think that he has had a fat layer his whole life. So I declare my feeding regime a success.
Irish is so good about having his teeth done. He doesn't even mind the gag. I was right he did have ulcers on the inside of his mouth from the rough edges of his teeth. The vet filed those all off. Then a quick needle and all was done.

Tonight when I fed Irish was a bit reluctant but I told him to give it a try. And in a few minutes he was gulping down his feed.

I am so proud of my boys.

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  1. Aww good boys!!! I'm glad all is well. I give Chrome his wormer in the pasture with no halter too. :D


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