dancing horses

dancing horses

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Some Eye Candy

A friend of mine (one of owners of the company that bred Steele) recently imported an Andalusian stallion from Spain. She's had him for a few months and yesterday I had a chance to go and meet him.

Because Karen lives a good 90 minutes away we don't see each other much but I always enjoy talking with her. I arrived just as she was finishing up her ride on Kalimo VIII. I had my camera with me but was enjoying watching them so much that I didn't take many photos.

such a beautiful head

artsy shot

Not only does he have a lovely conformation and movement but I was impressed by how tuned in he was and how hard he was trying to figure out what Karen wanted. After she dismounted I came up to see him. I know he's a stallion but he was so calm and friendly my heart was taken immediately. Also, he's a rich bay- my favourite colour.

After we had an amazing lunch on her deck and chatted away. Before I knew it, it was late afternoon and I had to head home. But not before planning another get together. I am working on a plan so that Stelle can watch him and hopefully absorb some information.

As opposed to absorbing grass....


  1. Gosh, he is gorgeous. I love the breed.

  2. LOL but Steele is so good at absorbing grass lol! It's funny in the body color he and Chrome are looking about the same shade of gray. Steele is graying sooo much faster than Chrome, which I guess isn't surprising since he's an Andalusian. :) That stallion is absolutely gorgeous! So cool that you got to meet him. :D


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