dancing horses

dancing horses

Monday, August 19, 2013

Martin comes for a walk

I used to walk all the time. When we lived in town I would come home from work, change, grab the dogs and we head for a local trail. It was a necessity with owning two high energy dogs. When we moved to our farm I walked less because there was more work to do when I got home and the dogs had lots of room to roam. But I still walked about 4-5 times per week. In the winter if we couldn't walk, I would snow shoe.

However, in the last few months I got out of the walking habit. First the spring was so wet that it was impossible to walk in the woods. I tried a couple times but after having my boot sucked off a few times I gave up. Then I hurt my hip. It became harder and harder to get myself going. I find myself with much less energy these days and I think it's because I stopped walking. Or it's the beginning of menopause. However, until I get further data, I'm going with option #1.

I've decided that it's time to re-introduce walking to my routine. When I came home from work today I changed and grabbed the dogs and we headed into the woods. The horses followed in the paddock until they were stopped by the fence.
good luck, don't run into any trolls!
As I entered the woods I felt my body relax and the tension/weariness from the day flow away. I stopped to take a deep breath and then I heard a meowing.
Martin, my cat decided to come along. I thought that he might just follow for a bit but everytime we got out of sight he would meow until I stopped and let him catch up. He really is a cat with character. He gave up trying to keep up with the dogs so basically heeled by my side.

"I've never come this far before."
However, I noticed that he was getting a bit tired. It was a humid and hot day and he was panting. I stopped to let him rest in the shade. d'Arcy and Belle came to see what the hold up was.
Belle: who invited him? He's holding us up. 
I decided to head home. Periodically Martin would flop down and meow and I'd pick him up and carry him for a bit. I'm glad that I didn't run into anyone- I'm sure that we made quite the sight- two dogs and a human carrying a cat hiking through the woods is not something you see everyday. Then he would squirm and I'd put him down. We'd get too far and then he'd meow. I'd wait, d'Arcy would run back to see what the hold up was, I'd tell him 'just waiting for Martin'. At that he'd look concerned and go off to find Marin. Belle, meanwhile would roll her eyes (I swear). "let him get lost. No one asked  him to come!'

When we got to the edge of our property I figured he could walk.
when the going gets tough, the tough get going
I stopped to take a photo of a toadstool. He came and flopped at my feet.
so. tired. carry on without me. 
But no worries- he made it out of the woods.

I wonder if he'll come with us again?

Happy 'Tails' to you! 


  1. That's so cute that he came with you! I love that :')

  2. LOL!! Silly Martin! He is so pretty! I've gotten out of walking too... or any exercise actually and it is severely (negatively) affecting my mood and how I feel. I really need to get moving again.


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