dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, July 28, 2013

In Which Steele wants it known that he was the good one this time.

I have been away several times for the past few months and it's starting to be a bit wearing.

This weekend was our Dressage Club's 'Fun weekend'. The idea is for a bunch of people to get together and enjoy their horses- however they want. The location is perfect- there is a large house with a ton of bedrooms, a nice barn and a huge outdoor that we can set up jumps or a dressage ring. And trails. Miles and miles of trails. Some with jumps some without. It's a little piece of heaven: http://www.wadehobbyhorsefarm.com/.

This year the turn out was small, which is disappointing but those of us who went had a ball. I went without a horse but was able to get rides on other horses. It was so much fun to be back in the saddle. When I returned home Ed told me that he had accidentally left a stall door open this morning. He was mowing the lawan and saw Steele in the field grazing but realized that Irish was on the other side of the fence!

Tonight I decided to bring both horses up to the riding ring so that they could graze on the grass that is encroaching on the edges. I've not led the two of them together before but figured it was time that Steele learned this. Going up Irish walked along like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. Steele was confused but came along willingly enough. I let them loose and went about doing some barn chores. After a bit I went up to get them. As soon as Irish saw the lead line he began to trot around. Before long the two of them were running like two fools- all at Irish's instigation. After a bit Steele started to head towards me (as he always does) but Irish would give a squeal and run the other way. sigh.

I just stayed calm and let my body language keep them down one end. This time Steele came right up to me. Just as was clipping on the lead line Irish came galloping by and Steele took off. At the end he turned and looked at me apologetically. He came right up to me and this time I was faster. As soon as I fastened the lead line he walked beside me as good as gold. Irish tried to 'buzz' us again but Steele knows his manners. At the gate I waited and Irish came up and allowed me to clip the lead line on his halter. However, he then began to snort and prance and generally act like he's never been led in his life. Poor Steele, he didn't know who's lead to follow but decided on me (clever boy). I got Irish onto the right side of me and walked them down to the barn.

Guess who's butt is going to be worked tomorrow (besides mine)?

not from tonight but from last week. There's lot of power there.

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  1. Wow!!! Steele looks so grown up!!! I haven't seen a picture of him in so long. I still imagine him as the little baby you brought home lol. If you have pictures and time sometime I would love to see a then and now post with pictures of when he was a baby and pictures of him now. :D He is GORGEOUS!


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