dancing horses

dancing horses

Monday, July 22, 2013

But it was educational

I just returned from a fabulous trip to Manhattan with my daughter. We managed to have a great time in spite of the killer heat. However, Steele was not impressed with my leaving yet again.

Steele- "I don't like it when you go away"

Me- "I do miss you all when I'm gone but I can't always stay home. Now let's talk about your behaviour"

"What do you mean? I was an angel"

"really? What about you stealing Irish's food?"

"oh that. I was just pointing out his mistakes so there wasn't a bigger problem really. If I hadn't shown him the dangers of leaving the door open then who knows what could have happened. The food was just a bonus. You know- for my hard work"


"besides, it wasn't me who broke the stall door this time- it was Mr. Perfect Irish".

"you needn't look so smug you know"

"I have no idea what you're talking about. Now, about you abadoning me us...."

"Well it was a special trip with my daughter but it was also educational. We went to Natural History Museum. Do you know that horse's were integral to the early history of civilization"

"I am not surprised. After all, you couldn't do it all by yourselves."

"I found some interesting tack as well"

See, this is an early bit:

'yikes, that doesn't look comfortable"

'Okay but look at this bridle from Asia?"
 Well that looks pretty cool. I could totally pull that off.

"and here's a protective helmet that war horse's wore"
 "it looks it'd be hot"

"What do you think of this saddle?"
" hmm, I don't think so"

"ok, how about this one?"
 "Well it looks cushy for your but not so much for me. Besides, it's too plain"

"oh you are fussy- this one is very decorative"
 "yes it is nice, but, um, I don't think that your behind will fit..But the fly mask is nice and I could totally pull off the neck amulet"

"okay okay. But you have to admit that these stirrups will look great in the show ring"


  1. Ha ha - loved the dialogue between you and Steel. The old tack is really interesting. Mostly I'm just jealous of your trip though :). Sounds wonderful!

  2. Funny! Steele certainly knows what he likes. :-)

  3. LOL Steele is so opinionated! :D

    Sorry I was gone so long. I seem to have trouble reading blogs in the summer when the sun is shining. I'm getting caught up now that the days are getting shorter. I've missed reading your blog!!


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