dancing horses

dancing horses

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Steele here everyone. I hope you had a terrific Christmas full of carrots and apples. But not peppermints.
Now that 2013 is here I figured it was time for me to write another post and what better topic then some resolutions. Mom says that this will be a big year for me so I thought I'd better put some ideas down.

1. I will wait patiently for my servant to open the doors in the morning before I go outside.
2. I will not sneak out of my stall when she's not looking (besides my feet make too much noise on the wood floor)
3. I will not snatch hay out of my servant's hands when they are bringing it into my stall.
4. I will continue with my diligent inspection of the muck bucket while the servant is picking out my stall (note- it's not my fault if it tips over, that's the occasional consequence of doing a good job).
5. I will try to leave my hay in a neat pile and not fling it all over my stall. While it allows me to lay down and eat it gets pooped and peed on. Besides it makes the servant mutter.
6. I keep the dog out of the pasture. He bugs Irish and that's my job!
7.  I will try to figure out this whole going in circles while mom stands in the middle thing. I will not try to eat the whip.
8. I will stand still while the servant grooms me. If I'm patient she will get to those itchy spots and apparently does not need me to show them to her.
9. I will keep growing. For that I need to keep eating. Fortunately I like eating!
10. I will continue being my wonderful, intelligent, funny and lovable self!


  1. Oh Steele. You are so very cute. I bet your servant has grand plans for you this year. You are almost a grown up.

    1. yes I am. not sure what that means but Irish says my world will be changing...


  2. Hi -
    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting our blog and following. Looking forward to seeing what you and the handsome Steele get up to this year... he sounds like quite a character!

  3. Great resolutions Steele! I'm guessing you will totally ace all of those. :D


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