dancing horses

dancing horses

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Introducing the bridle

It seems that the way I've been working with Steele is to gradually get him used to things so that when I introduce something new it's not that big a deal.

I took advantage of the post-Christmas sales and bought him a cheap schooling bridle and a very gentle bit. the idea is to spend some time getting him used to having it in his mouth and, once he's used to lunging having him get used to working in it. There is also a man in the area who is an excellent ground driver and I want to get him to start Steele for me doing that.

This is the bit I bought:

A happy mouth d ring revolver bit. I believe it will be nice and gentle for him to learn with.
Over the past several months Steele has gotten used to me putting a halter up over his ears and will open his mouth when I put my finger in the side of it. Last week I decided to try the bridle and bit. Standing beside him I slipped it on. He was definitely unsure as to what the heck I put in his mouth. I let him into his stall to hang out a bit with it. While he wasn't impressed he was not upset nor was he worried.

here's a photo of him in his new bridle:

Fitting him will not be easy. he's too small for a horse size but the cob size is a bit tight. I know the kind of brilde I want to get him. It's like this:
Essentially a flat bridle in black. I quite like the look of the flat bridles. I have had no luck finding one here though. but I have a bit of time to look around.

What kind of bridle do you like?


  1. I'm not particular about brand; but I like a bridle with soft leather and padding on the noseband.

    1. I too like soft leather. I think that good quality leather is a must because there's nothing worse than having a breakage at an inopportune moment. Of course there's not a good moment to have equipment failure....

  2. You described Dickie's exact reaction and Steele has the same look on his face. He's not worried about anxious about it but not impressed with having it in his mouth. He wants to spit it out so he can get it with his front teeth and swing it. I put mollases on it last time and made a soft grain mash. My friend gave me the tip to wrap it in a fruit roll up and I plan on trying that next time. I got a side pull noseband for him too. I have been using that for driving and mounting. It essentially looks like a wider noseband and will go into any bridle in place of the bit.

    As far as my fave bridle, that is a trick question. I LOVE bridles. I want them all. I am not into sadde seat or vinyl bridles but if it's leather I want it. I can't stop getting them. I have at least ten and just caught myself thinking about how I needed another hunter bridle for dickie. Bre shouldn't have to share with him right?

  3. Steele is looking pretty cute, love that baby face ! He likes new things to do!

  4. That picture is adorable. :D I use whatever bridle I can afford.... not very up on brands lol. I don't even know what kind of bridle I have... someone gave it to me and I modified it into a bitless bridle. :)


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