dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, January 6, 2013

How Irish came to smell like a Salon


The only thing that's worse than a bored horse is an intelligent bored horse.

Because they find ways to entertain themselves with whatever is at hand. Like wood posts, door latches, pitchforks placed too close to the stall.

and blankets on their buddies.

Today as I went out to clean the stalls there they were- at the top of the field. Steele industrially chewing on Irish's blanket.

I yelled.

They ignored me.

I yelled again.

They looked at me. I think I saw Steele stick his tongue out at me.

So I went to walmart and bought the cheapest, biggest bottle of hair spray I could find. When I came home they were both down in the stall so I seized the moment and ran into the barn. When Irish saw what was in my hands he tried to bolt out of the stall. It was like he knew what I what I was planning. I headed him off.

By the time I was done his straps, tail flap and edges of his blanket were coated in the foul smelling stuff. Irish went outside looking disgruntled. As he passed Steele, Steele's lip curled up.

It will be worth it if it works. Irish cannot go without a blanket and I can't afford to replace them frequently.


What do you do to keep others off of blankets and such?


  1. Let me know if it works! Poor Irish... But I understand and would do the same if it kept Winston from destroying Jackson's blanket.

  2. I don't use blankets so I don't have that problem lol. I hope the hairspray works. I never thought about using it as a deterrent.


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