dancing horses

dancing horses

Friday, January 11, 2013

All Dressed up

I saw this cartoon on Facebook and it made me laugh:
J.L. Werner is incredibly talented. Substitue the chicken for Martin and this could be me. If they animals had a youtube account. And I'm not sure that they don't......

When we first brought Irish home I would get up with the dawn, put on some sweats and a sweater, go to the barn and do my chores. Then I would shower and dress for work (or for my weekend). 

That lasted all of 2 weeks. Max. 

I then started going out in my PJ's. I would pull on my rubber boots and my quilted plaid jacket and head out. The first time Ed caught me I tried to pretend that it was my first time. I don't think he bought it. 

Now I don't even scurry when I hear a car coming down the road. 

Now that it' winter I pull on insulated coveralls, my winter rubber boots, a hat with ear flaps and my thick gloves. It's a look my mother referred to as 'sex on a stick'. :) Not sure why sex would be on a stick but hey, it's not my saying. 

This is how I know Ed loves me. Not only did I move him out to a country road where there's a Wrestling ring down the street (I swear to god. it's one of the landmarks that lets you know you are on the correct road), convinced him that a tractor was 'sort of like a convertible', and taught him how to muck out stalls but now he's perfectly fine with a wife that runs around the property in her flannel PJs decorated with snowflakes. He doesn't even bat an eye. 

Be warned if you drive down my street in the early morning. :) However, I do have the coffee waiting if you want to come inside. 

Anyone else do morning chores in their pajamas???  


  1. It's one of the perks of living in the country, I'm sure some of the neighbors wonder about me at times too! LOL

  2. Omg yes!! I do the horses in the morning in my pj's and big black gumboots! I thought I was the only one, we should start a support group.

    Also, a tractor is TOTALLY a convertible!


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