dancing horses

dancing horses

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Terrible Twos

Heaven help me I may just throttle Steele.

Okay, I know that it's not good to threaten the life of a horse. Especially on the internet. It might get, well, misconstrued.

But seriously, he may just drive me around the bend.

He's two now and he's swings between a  swaggering brat to a lovable teddy bear. Kind of like an adolescent boy.

In my previous post I wrote about him attacking Irish's blanket. Today I came home sick from work to find that he had it ripped.

I trudged out through the snow with my can of hairspray and coated it.

I trudged back with  Steele following. He must have not been impressed with my ignoring him because he gave me a nudge with his shoulder. I had to be firm about my personal space. Later I look out the window and he's at it again. So the hairspray can be coded as a massive failure.

I looked in my cupboard. I found some cleaning supplies.

hmmmm. might work

but they are poisonous



fine then. 

I hate it when the voices in my head disagree.

So I trudged back out to the field muttering to myself. After all, don't they realize that I'm sick??? Apparently not. Also, why is Irish tolerating Steele pulling on it? How can he like being a chew toy??? I went out with the fly spray and coated Irish with Steele closely supervising. As I walked back (did I mention that they were at the farthest end of the field?) I realized that to distract Steele from the blanket toy I had to supply another toy. I was not going into town to buy a jolly ball. So I got out a large container that the oil comes in. I put in some snow and ice to rattle around. It seems to be working for a bit.

I will need more toys.

Or a mare.

Does anyone want to loan me a mare?


  1. hahaha!! Welcome to my world!! The other day Dickie tore down some PVC piping in his stall just because my friend was ignoring him. It wasn't a little bit of piping!! It was like six feet. Then he tore down the jail I made to keep him from messing with the door. It isn't like he works at things for ages, he just decides out of the blue he is going to destroy something and BAM it is done in minutes.

  2. Oh you do NOT want a mare. Gracie is 6 YEARS OLD and still concocts daily plans to ruin my mood either by biting Allie or kicking me or getting into something. I am coming to the sad realisation that she might just not grow out of it.

    1. oh dear. I was thinking a mare wouldn't let him chew on her like Irish does!!! lol

  3. LOL! They are sooooo cute! Sorry about the blanket though.... I had to give Chrome lots of toys too, he was so destructive. Toy ideas: old tarps, empty feed bags, cardboard boxes, dog toys (tennis ball on a rope or the rubber rings), milk jug with rocks in it hung from a tree, fence or even just loose, etc. I forget what else I gave them. They had a jolly ball and played with old rubber buckets too. Of course he loves his salt block and tractor tire pedestal too. If I think of anything else I will let you know. :)


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