dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow Day

Today, like most of the east coast of North America we were hit with a massive snow storm. In the morning my face was being pelted by driving ice and I could not get the front doors of the barn open. They were frozen shut. Fortunately the back doors were fine so I could come in that way. The horses were stuck in for the morning. Irish was not impressed made sure that I knew it. Steele is much more easy going and was fine being inside.

By afternoon it had cleared off so I dragged my son out to help me dig out the dutch doors. Steele had a blast.


look at the snow fly

nothing like a roll to freshen one up. 

Tomorrow I plan to drag out the snow shoes and head into the woods.

In case you are wondering- I didn't take many of Irish. His problem has returned so he wasn't up to doing more than walk about. :(

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