dancing horses

dancing horses

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Voice of God..?

Three years ago, when our youngest graduated and headed off to university we put the house on the market and started looking for our dream property. I swear we looked at everything for sale that had 5 acres to 100 acres. Nothing seemed right. Finally we found the right one. I fell in love with the house and property immediately. All it was missing was the barn and paddocks.

When we first purchased it I took a zillion photos (no surprise there :) ).

This is one I took from our bedroom window:

I could picture the barn and fields.

This I took this morning:

I know it's rainy but to me it's the most beautiful view in the world.

As you can see the weather has been atrocious. This means that I can only let the horses out into the little paddock beside the barn- the field is too wet and dangerous for them to run around in. I put Steele's rain sheet on so he wouldn't get soaked. As I looked out the window I saw the following tableau:

Steele was mouthing the buckles on his blanket while Irish was pulling on the neck. I'm sure that this was the dialogue:
Steele: "I'm pretty sure that we need to undo these metal thingies"

Irish: "nah, I'll just pull it over your head"

Steele: "ow, it's also connected between the legs you know!"

Great,  I thought just great. They'll have that blanket in shreds. 

I opened the window and yelled: "Irish- oy! stop it!"

Steele stopped and looked around, settling the innocent 'who me?' look on his face. But he couldn't see me. His head swiveled around.
Irish was frozen, Steele's blanket still in his mouth.

Steele: "did you hear her?"

Irish "shh just pretend that we're doing nothing"

Steele: "But where is she???"

Me: "Irish.let.go.right.now"

Irish lets go and pretends to mouth some hay. Steele is still trying to figure out where I am.

I think that it's good for them to know that they are being watched.


  1. Aww, that's hilarious. :) Also, *awesome* pictures you've got here!

  2. LOL!!!! Silly horses. :D Your place is very pretty. I would love that view!


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