dancing horses

dancing horses

Monday, December 3, 2012

That darn cat

The weather has taken a balmy turn with today reaching a high of 10 degrees Celsius.

It was a quiet afternoon and Steele was standing contentedly in the cross ties getting a good grooming.

Irish was munching hay happily in his stall.

Suddenly, above us there was a flurry of activity.

Irish, brave soul that he his bolted out of his stall as fast as he could.

Steele exploded beside me in the cross ties.

I did what any self respecting horse person would do. I jumped to a spot of safety and stood projecting a calming 'vibe' and said that magic word 'whoa'. I however, was not holding out much hope.

Steele came up against the cross ties, backed up, bolted ahead and hit them again, reared, shook his head and stood perfectly still looking at me wide eyed.

Steele: 'Did you hear that?' 

Me: 'yes I did, but don't worry'

Steele: 'what is it? 

Me: 'I think it's the cat'

Irish from outside: 'it's a LION. He's followed me from the ring!!!!'
(for reference refer to: http://journeywithadancinghorse.blogspot.ca/2012/09/dogs-cats-and-horses-oh-my.html)

Me: 'you're not helping Irish.' 

At this point the cat came trotting across the rafters above.

Steele looked at Martin, looked at me, blew and looked peeved.

We finished our grooming session with no more surprises.



  1. Martin is so cute. I just love your horse quotes I do the same thing. Horses crack me up because you know te cat has jumped up there countless times. Sometimes I wonder if they are putting on a show or I they really spaz out even when they are alone.

    1. thanks. I often wonder what Irish is thinking...


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