dancing horses

dancing horses

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No Sweet Tooth

Every night when I tuck the horses in they get a small treat- a cut up carrot or apple or some horse treats.

However, Irish loves peppermints. His absolute favourite are scotch mints or the green ones (take note if you come to visit). Peppermints are what convinced him to go through water and to self-load on the trailer - there was one waiting in the manger for him each time.

It appears, however, that Steele is not as impressed by them. I had given him one a few months ago when I gave one to Irish. He spit it across the stall. Seriously. I heard it ping off the bars.

But he's older now and my mom had given me some when I visited her last week. She and Irish like the same type of mints. Yesterday I threw one in each of their feedbins right before supper. Irish's was gone in an instant. I was amused watching Steele- he would pick it up and mouth it, drop it in the bin, sniff it and repeat. After a few minutes I could have swore I heard him crunch it. Ah- see all horses love peppermints.

I went in to get their supper ready. When I came out with the buckets I spied something small and white on the floor. After I gave them their feed I went to see what it was.

You guessed it.
It was the peppermint.
About 5 feet away from the stall.

I picked it up and threw it in Irish's bin.
"ooh, another one. " He gobbled it up.

I don't think that he minds that Steele is rejecting mints.


  1. That is so funny!! He must have consulted Roxy last summer in regards to which peppermints were safe for horses!! She refuses to eat Scotch mints and does exactly that..pings them across the aisle!! She however loves plain old fashioned Ganongs Double Thick mints!!


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